Top 4 Best Captcha Solving Apps To Make Money

by Krish Karthik
earn money from capcha cloving apps work from home

Captcha is the tool that aims to differentiate real people from robots. Although this is a useful tool, you may be annoyed by the need to solve captchas several times a week.

Fortunately, there are captcha solver apps for Android and iOS that will save you from having to type captchas. Along with that, some of these apps even allow you to make a bit of money by solving the captcha for other users (although you can use them as a client as well).

Captcha bot

Let’s start with an app called bot 2Captcha. As you can guess by the title, this is an app for all 2captcha users and allows you to bypass captcha.

The main goal of this app is to save you from having to solve the captcha every time it appears on your screen. The only trick here is that you need to have a 2captcha account to use it – there is no option to sign up through the app.

If you are not familiar with this service, this app is designed to connect people who need to solve their captchas with those who are ready to do it for a small payment. If you want to assign yourself as a client, you’ll need to choose one of the plans (the basic plan will cost you $ 0.3 per thousand captchas) and you’re good to go.

Then your captchas will be transferred to the workers and they will solve them as quickly as possible. For now, workers in this service can deal with 10,000 captchas per day. And if you are here to make money, this is a good place to make some extra money. It is not a full time job with a schedule, but it will be a great option for additional income.


The next app is called CyberAIO and it is a mobile companion for the eponymous bot.

The original bot service is designed for retail and supports all of the most popular shopping platforms. As you can already guess, captchas can be incredibly boring in a field like retail because you will have to solve dozens of them a day. So this app is here to save the day!

The main purpose of this app is to help you control and manage your bot wherever you are. So you can view all task updates as well as adjust, add and delete them.

Plus, you can reset your license, view all the purchases you’ve made, and track orders. And of course, the app lets you troubleshoot captchas on the go – you just need to update the anti-captcha page and that’s it. The app has a comfortable user interface designed in CyberAIO style, so it’s not difficult to manage.

MyJDownloader Captchas

MyJDownloader Captcha is another app which aims to save you from having to solve countless captchas.

The main objective of this app is to let you jump and solve captchas remotely. This app is a mobile version of the auto-dial service and together with the web version it does not have paid features. However, in case you have specific requests, you can send a request to the developer and it may even be granted.

As you can already guess, all you need to get started is signing up for self-service and you’re good to go. The coolest thing about this app is that it covers all kinds of captcha you can think of (even the reCAPTCHAv2). Plus, the app adds new types of captcha with every update, so don’t worry about that.

The app allows you to view the history of all captchas that have been resolved and count them all. You can also update your account to the service through the app. As for the user interface, it is quite minimalistic, it won’t take you long to figure out how it works.

Captcha entry work – Work from home

The name of the latest application fully reflects its functionality. Captcha Typing Work is an app that allows you to earn money by solving captchas.

The first thing to point out is that this app will not replace a full time job. It’s more of a part-time job with no time or schedule restrictions. You just open the app when you have a few minutes of free time and save some. Also, the good thing that the app does not take any tax from you, so you will earn as much as you solved.

Another great thing is that all of the captchas you might come across here are straightforward – it’s usually five or six letters and that’s it. So, it will literally take you a few seconds to resolve the captcha. It should also be said that you don’t earn real money when you solve captchas, you get points.

Each point represents $ 2 which will be paid directly to your Paypal when you split to withdraw the money. According to user statistics, you can earn up to $ 10 per month – again, not that much but better than nothing. The app asks you about your Paypal details, but this information will be kept private.

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