How to Check any UK Vehicle MOT History online?

by Krish Karthik
How to Check any UK Vehicle MOT History online?

Introduction: What is the purpose of the service that is provided?

If you are considering buying a new car, then it becomes pivotal for you to know about the vehicle’s MOT history before you buy one to ensure a hassle-free purchase. Every kind of transaction related to the car can be entered only when everything concerning the legal entitlements of the car is known.

But since the informal sources cannot be trusted, the Government of the United Kingdom has established a website that would be responsible for sharing this information credibly and authentically. All the MOT history can be achieved from there.

Finding the best type of the service

This website would be responsible for confirming the vehicle MOT and mileage history for any car you have. All you need to know is the car’s registration number, and hence everything else will be sorted.

This is free of cost service which is responsible for giving detailed information about the car. The list of the functions which can be performed effectively over the car has been mentioned in the following way:

  • Helps to check the UK vehicle MOT history of the car
  • Helps to check the mileage history
  • Helps to check the number of the services that the car has gone through
  • Helps to identify the time of running out of the UK Vehicle MOT certificate.
  • Helps to notify the history of the repairs that the car has gone through
  • Helps to identify any attempt of car clocking

This is considered a useful test that can clear the clouds in the purchaser’s mind while buying a new car for himself. Checking the MOT also helps the users to elicit the information which may not be available in generic research. All the user needs to do is comply with the regulations; hence, the information would be extracted as needed.

What does MOT include?

Any free MOT test report plays a vital role in drawing out the necessary information concerning the vehicle. The free vehicle MOT test report will be able to provide the following DVLA details, which are related to the vehicle. The information that is included in the report has been given in the following way:

MOT due date:

This is the date mentioned over the certificate to get an idea about the next date if conducting vehicle MOT history concerning the vehicle and taking out information as required.

Yearly Mileage Recordings:

This is important information that can provide complete and comprehensive information concerning the history and mileage that the car has been able to provide. All the information from the beginning to the end can be noted with the utmost accuracy.

Current MOT status:

This is an important piece of information that must be obtained regularly to keep the UK vehicle details updated. This information can include a lot of information like DVLA registration number, the details like MOT passing date, failure notice and other types of legal notice issued.

Yearly MOT Advisory notes:

. This information can comprise additional information like the car mechanics’ comments concerning the car’s health. It also includes a list of the improvements that should be made to keep the car in a good state.

Yearly MOT refusal notes:

It is the list of the failure notices, which also includes why the test would have been not passed.

MOT Road Tax status:

Checking car tax is the most important part of the information. As a part of the information, it is essential to list the complete details concerning the taxation that has been paid regarding the car.

Other details:

Free MOT also includes the compilation of the legal documents linked with the vehicle. This includes completing the registration certificate, pollution check certificate, insurance policies and outstanding financial history.

How does the MOT check tool work?

To make any MOT check tool work, it is important to mention that a few steps are complied with. As per the existing norms which the government of the United Kingdom has mandated, it is essential in the first place to mention the registration number of the vehicle in the search box provided on the website. Then, it will automatically generate the MOT report concerning the vehicle. It is as easy as conducting any google research in the first place.

Why is the MOT check important?

After listing the information which has been a part of the MOT information, it has become self-explanatory why conducting an MOT test is essential. This test helps confirm the safety, credibility and utility of the vehicle that you wish to purchase so that you obtain the correct value of money in the first place.

This is very useful, and at the same time, checking Vehicle history  information online has become much easier than it used to be. Within 30 seconds, all the information concerning the vehicle can be obtained. Furthermore, these services can be availed at a minimum payment. This is very important detail that must be taken into accord.

Why is the MOT check important?

Hence for the reasons mentioned above, this MOT check has become essential for the company. Therefore, this will help the people to the maximum possible extent and, at the same time, bring the maximum advantage over the period.

This information is required to bring the maximum amount of utility and, at the same, ensure that a person can purchase any property only after conducting proper legal research.


It can be concluded that there is no substitute to the test. This has become very important that has to be taken into accord. This report helps to make the best decision.

Frequently asked questions

 How to check if my MOT is due?

The certificate of the MoT mentions the due date; hence, this information is gathered from there.

How do I book MOT?

All you have to do is visit the website and make the booking as per the defined date.

How much does an MOT cost?

It varies according to the information that can be obtained.

What is a major MOT fault? Major MoT fault is about processing the information that must be extracted from the government.

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