How to check vehicle history in uk?

by Krish Karthik
check vehicle details online uk

Car or Vehicle history check as you can also check Bikes and vans, and cars. When buying a used car, A car history check is the most vital part of the process. MOT check tool Includes full MOT history including, failure notices, advisories, and car Valuation data.

What is MOT History?

Check the MOT history – Check the past or Current results of a vehicle’s MOT tests, It includes:

  • if it failed or passed.
  • where each and every test was done.
  • when its next MOT is due.
  • The mileage was recorded when it was tested.
  • Make, model, and year of registration details of the vehicle.
  • what parts failed at each test, and if any parts had minor problems.
  • It includes CO2 output, road tax costs/rates, and expiry date.
  • Engine CC size, Fuel type, weight, and vehicle approval category.
  • Manufacturer year, excluding imported vans, cars, and bikes.
  • CO2 Driving emissions levels.

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