7 Ways To Earn Money With Your Smartphone in 2022

by Krish Karthik
make money online with mobile

If you’ve ever paid attention to the emails you often receive in our inbox, you would have noticed a lot of emails saying “We can make thousands of dollars a month using the cell phone or working from home.” “.

But the point is, most of these emails are just spam because they are lying and trying to scam. But is it possible to earn money from your smartphone?

Honestly, you can indeed earn a few dollars by using your smartphone. But, we are not talking about getting a full salary, but some extra income to pay some bills.

List of Top 7 Ways to Make Money Using Your Smartphone

Therefore, we have picked out the top ten ways to make money with your smartphone, and all of them are legal and work well.

Sell Your Photos Online

Are you good at photography? Have you taken original, quality photos with a professional finish? Then you can sell them on one of the many paid photo portals out there.

It’s a straightforward process. First, create an account on the corresponding platform; most are free, upload your photos to the database and wait for someone to upload them.

Once someone downloads it, you can charge a commission for each download, which can range from a few cents to several dollars, just depending on the platform.

Logically, to have money, the photos must be original and of good quality, because there is a lot of competition. You must also label them correctly so that they appear in the platform’s internal search engines.

Here are some platforms that allow you to sell photos are: –

HQ – Anecdotes and Words

HQ – Trivia & Words is an iOS and Android app that offers hefty prices. As it offers a quiz contest that offers real money prizes.

Every day, it offers its users a series of questions and several free response attempts, although you can buy more with microtransactions as well.


If you have a hidden talent or are good at creating content that interests the internet, you can use Patreon to monetize that talent. Maybe you are good at recording funny videos, creating programming tutorials, learning to play Fortnite, or doing travel reports on Instagram.

If you think you are ready to do an activity that someone would like to pay money for, you can add a link to Patreon during that activity and manage your income from your smartphone only.

Patreon is a platform that allows you to collect donations or monthly subscriptions. Usually your subscribers pay by card or PayPal and you get the money in your account.

In addition, Patreon allows you to send notifications with news to your affiliates, news, questions, answers, etc.

Create and Sell Your Course

If you are good at something and want to help others, you can create your online course. There are many learning websites available on the web like Udemy, KhanAcademy, etc., allowing you to create and sell your courses online.

If we’re mainly talking about Udemy , the platform has a mobile app that can be used to create and sell courses. Additionally, you can use the mobile app to upload your course to the platform. Every time someone purchases your course, the amount will be credited to your Udemy account.

Sell Your Service

If you are good at something and are looking for potential buyers, you may want to consider freelance websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

In our opinion, Fiverr is the best platform to start a freelance career. On this site, you can sell your services by creating concerts. The services can be anything like editing images from a mobile, creating logos, converting images to text, etc.

Fiverr is known for its comprehensive assortment of professional services covering over 250 different categories. This means that the platform has everything for everyone.

Google Opinion Awards

There are lots of paid apps for taking surveys, but some are unreliable, take a long time to pay, or you have to take lots of surveys to get just a few dollars.

It’s boring work, but if you like answering questions about your habits or opinions, one of the most trusted apps is Google Opinion Rewards.

Once a week, you receive at least one poll with questions that invite you to choose a logo, select the promotion you like, or where you would go on a trip. Most are easy to answer and it doesn’t take long.


If you have a nice house or a nice corner in the garden and are good at cooking, you can prepare meals or dinners for other people.

As more and more people look for alternatives to traditional restaurants, and just as nowadays it has become fashionable to stay in private homes or travel in private cars, many people choose to dine in homes. comfortable that offer dinners or meals.

One of the most popular services is Eatwith , which allows you to give cooking lessons or a special presentation. With Eatwith, you connect with potential customers and agree on the menu and schedule.

If you receive a good review, it will attract more guests and you can get a good bonus on the days that interest you.

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