Tips for getting Instagram followers and make money

by Krish Karthik
make money online using instagram follower and likes

If you particularly like to communicate on social networks, and after following a few steps, you will undoubtedly be able to make money . With this article, find out how.

There are many ways to make ends meet by exchanging with subscribers (often called by the English term “followers”). For that, it is of course necessary to bring together as large a community as possible. If you want to position yourself on Instagram, here are some tips that can help you grow your business on this increasingly popular network.

Increase your number of subscribers to gain influence

Only people considered “influential” have the opportunity to earn income from their presence on Instagram. So, first and foremost, you need to do what it takes to keep your subscriber count steadily growing – and eventually peaking. To do this, you must of course post frequently , while seeking to share “viral” photos , so captivating that they will interest your community and make them want to react.

The quality of photos on Instagram is decisive. Ideally, you should use this network with a mobile phone capable of taking sharp shots. Don’t forget to create a public account to be more easily seen, and enter hashtags in order to stand out more often on the network’s search engine. When someone comments on your posts, respond, chat. It is by developing your sympathy capital that you will naturally expand your community on the internet. Also remember to talk about your Instagram account on other social networks on the web and do whatever it takes to become an expert in your sector (whether it’s fashion, cooking or DIY).

Monetizing an Instagram account: how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a growing practice on Instagram. For very variable amounts, you stage a product and are paid for the advertising you do. To get in touch with a brand, it is advisable to start by following it on Instagram, to see how it communicates in general. Subsequently, do not hesitate to like and comment on his posts, in order to get his attention.

Several websites offer you a connection with brands to advertise on Instagram . Concretely, you can earn money by inserting affiliate links on your post: with each click, you get a certain amount. For example, the online platform Netaffiliation works with Internet users who maintain blogs, but it is also possible to envisage collaboration for communication on Instagram. In addition, you can use the Amazon partner program : it allows you to earn a commission corresponding to a rate of 1 to 12% of the price of the products sold through you.

Photography enthusiasts: monetize your favorite hobby

Many photography enthusiasts and professionals in the field post their photos on Instagram. And against all odds, some people even manage to make a living from it!

If necessary, on the web, consult tutorials to improve your skills : with advice on how to properly adjust the smartphone’s camera or choose the best times of the day to succeed in each shot.

If you want to uphold your reputation as a savvy photographer on Instagram, you can post photos taken by a professional camera. This allows you to provide better quality images, for an artist-worthy result. You can also have fun with filters, which have been the real specialty of the network for several years. If you live in a big city, it is possible for you to photograph famous streets or monuments, to create adapted hashtags and, thus, to make your photos appear in the searches of other users.

Use your artistic flair to attract attention

If you have a real talent in photography, you can cultivate your reputation and grab the attention of big brands . They will be able to pay you for the publication of each photo related to their products or services, for example with the instruction to add a specific hashtag. Of course, to be successful in breaking through, you need a little luck, since it’s all about taking the right photo at the best time and finding the scene that can create a beautiful image.

Other little tips can help you develop on the network: take care of your community, post mostly for fun in order to keep the attention of other members, not hide the advertising aspect of sponsored photos (especially when we know you can be charged with covert advertising). Ultimately, before you even make any money, you need to build a genuine relationship with your followers – otherwise, brands won’t care about you.

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