eBay alternatives websites 2021

by Krish Karthik
ebay alternative webistes 2021

eBay alternatives (apps and sites like eBay for buying and selling online)

I was a little late for the eBay party. Unable to understand for the first few days, I finally arrived at the site when it was already populated by salespeople who had established customer bases.Standing out was going to be a real challenge.Still, it was difficult to give up online sales altogether.Fortunately, there are other sites outside of eBay that offer a combination of convenience and access. If you are having trouble accessing eBay quickly and are worried that you will be struggling to carve out a niche for yourself as a small seller, then trying eBay alternatives is worth considering.This article includes the various websites and apps that you can use instead of eBay if you want to buy and sell items online.Let’s check them out now!


AliExpress, based in China, has one of the largest customer bases for any eBay alternative. If you want to sell to customers in overseas markets like Brazil, Russia, and of course China, AliExpress is a good website to use. Very few e-commerce websites can offer this kind of reach to their merchants.

All kinds of products can be sold on AliExpress. You can diversify your offerings or focus on a specific niche if you want.

Sellers have the option of customizing the facade of their online store to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Post the best images of the products you want to sell so they can be moved faster.You will be required to pay an annual fee if you choose to sell your products on AliExpress.


Amazon , the multibillion-dollar creation of Jeff Bezos, is an e-commerce giant that has grown significantly since its inception and now offers a streaming service, artificial intelligence, and other products of its own. It is also the leading online retailer in many countries.Just like eBay, all kinds of products are available on Amazon. Businesses of all sizes have also taken advantage of the platform provided by the website.Selling on Amazon can be expensive.There are monthly fees to consider and additional expenses if you want to use the Fulfillment by Amazon service. You can also serve targeted ads on Amazon designed to be seen by customers looking for products in your niche.


Sellers who want more looks on their high-quality creations and memorabilia may find ArtFire a more suitable platform.

Merchants on ArtFire have the option to sell craft supplies, vintage items, and handicrafts that they have personally created. The products themselves can include clothing, accessories, toys, decorations, and even wedding supplies. Don’t expect to get a new TV or your protein powder supply on the website.

ASOS Marketplace

ou can choose the sales plan that works best for you. Since there isn’t a long-term commitment that sellers have to stick to, you can feel free to start small with your offerings and see where things go from there.

ASOS Marketplace aims to showcase independent sellers looking to bring their stylish designs to fashionistas around the world. By browsing their product catalog, you will be able to find all kinds of great clothing and accessories supplied by independent retailers.

Vintage collectors looking to sell some of their finds can also open a store on ASOS Marketplace.

One thing to note here is that ASOS Marketplace is very picky when it comes to who has stores. You can’t get one right away, but you can continuously work with the site until you become qualified.


At first glance, Bonanza looks like an e-commerce site that focuses solely on arts and crafts, home decor, and clothing, but it isn’t. Take a few moments to browse the site and you will find that it has a fairly diverse collection of products. You can buy a new video game for your child along with a new sweater for yourself while shopping on Bonanza.Getting started on Bonanza is pretty straightforward if you’re a salesperson. You don’t have to pay a fixed fee and just choose to have the site collect a percentage of your profits. Sellers also have the option of allowing Bonanza to collect a higher percentage so that their products are listed on more channels.


Bookoo’s goal is to bring garage and yard sales into the modern age and this has a clear plus and minus.On the one hand, you can save more money by buying or selling on Bookoo. There are no shipping costs and the exchange of items and money can be done in person so everyone is happy with the transaction.On the other hand, you are at the mercy of geography. If there is no one in your immediate area who is selling what you are looking for, you are out of luck. Bookoo works best for people looking to increase their income by selling a few valuables lying around the house.


BookScouter is the place to go if you want to save money buying or renting used books or making money selling used books that you no longer need.One key thing to note here is that BookScouter is not the one buying the books from you. Instead, the site searches online for websites interested in purchasing the book you are offering. The site will then compile all the offers that these sites have made for your book and present them to you.It will be up to you to decide on which site you want to sell your book.


Merchants who wish to avoid paying fees to sell online are likely to find the BriskSale platform to their liking. There is no charge to pay if you want to sell something on BriskSale.

Now you might want to pay for BriskSellers who can market your products. BriskSellers will scour the site for products they think they can sell. If you have indicated that you will pay a commission for your product, BriskSellers can begin to advertise it.

The fees you will have to pay to BriskSeller will depend on the amount you entered in the “commission” field when listing your product.


BuyBackWorld can help you if you are looking to buy or sell your used electronics. There are other sites online that can help you move your old gadgets around, but BuyBackWorld sets itself apart by making the process easier for sellers.Sellers no longer have to create ads or worry about shipping when using BuyBackWorld. You will also receive an instant quote on the item you wish to sell.If you are a buyer, you will be able to sort through a selection of used electronic devices offered at more affordable prices.Besides electronic devices, gift cards can also be bought and sold through BuyBackWorld.


Textbooks can be a good source of additional income. If you still have some in the house that you no longer need, selling them to Cash4Books is an option.

After entering the ISBN of the book you wish to sell, Cash4Books will provide you with a quote. If you decide to go ahead with the sale, shipping will be free and you can expect payment to arrive in about two weeks.

Cash4Books will also handle the PayPal fees for you if you decide to use this website instead of going for a check.


Homeowners looking for a change of scenery can find many suitable items at Chairish. The site offers buyers a wide selection of high quality furniture, wall decorations, artwork, jewelry, and several other products. You can also choose to sell these items on Chairish.You should know that you will not be able to sell as soon as you open an account on Chairish. The ads you create will still need to be reviewed, and it may take three to five days for the site to review them and contact you.Chairish will take a commission on the items you manage to sell through their site.


Craigslist is different from most of the other websites featured in this article because it isn’t just used to buy or sell items. You can also post job offers on the website. With that said, Craigslist still works if you have any items to give away.The site has also gained popularity because of its affordability, especially if you sell smaller items. You will only have to pay their fees if you publish services or sell certain items.You also don’t have to face a lot of limitations when it comes to what you can sell on Craigslist.


The main feature that sets Decluttr apart from other websites that allow users to sell their electronics is that they allow people to set a price.

To get started, you’ll be asked to enter the make, model, and condition of the device you want to sell. After that, Decluttr will present you with an assessment. This assessment will then be locked for 28 days.

You can use those 28 days to search for a replacement device or a better deal if you want. Decluttr also offers various payment options. They can pay by check, direct deposit or through PayPal.


One of the sites often mentioned as something comparable to eBay is eBid. This is largely due to the fact that eBay also offers the auction mechanisms that have become synonymous with eBay.Buying from the site is pretty straightforward, but there are a few more things to note if you want to be a seller. To get started, potential traders will need to decide whether they want a seller account only or whether they want to go for a seller + account.There are upgrade fees that need to be paid for those who want a Seller + account, but they won’t have to deal with the final auction value fees that are presented to sellers.


Online merchants looking for a cost effective way to move their items can seek help from eCrater. The site will not charge merchants any commission, monthly fees, or final value fees. However, eCrater will receive a 2.9% market cost on the sales it made to you through its main marketplace.

Interestingly, the site allows merchants to skip this market cost. If you decide not to pay, your store will still be active, but your rank may decrease and your products may no longer appear on their market.

The website also makes it easier for sellers to customize their storefronts.


Etsy has grown into a leading digital marketplace for buyers and sellers looking for unique items. You will mainly find accessories and artwork on the site, but the vendors also offer clothing and home décor.There are a number of fees that sellers face if they want to list their products on Etsy. The site charges a nominal registration fee and once you make a sale you will also need to pay a transaction fee. People who sell on Etsy will also be responsible for paying the fees on PayPal.Etsy also offers its sellers additional tools for a monthly fee.

Facebook market

The two main benefits of using Facebook Marketplace to sell your items are the reach of the storefront and the cost you have to pay.When it comes to reaching, it’s hard to beat what Facebook Marketplace is because the social networking site it’s connected to is used by millions of people. If you have an active Facebook account, selling on its companion Marketplace also becomes remarkably easy.Merchants don’t have to worry about paying a fee if they decide to sell on Facebook Marketplace. However, you will need to negotiate possible additional fees with your buyer, as Facebook avoids these issues.


Smartphone sellers may not want to share a digital storefront with merchants who have other items. Glyde provides an alternative platform for these sellers.Glyde only focuses on buying and selling smartphones. In particular, only Apple and Samsung smartphones are offered and purchased by Glyde.Buyers can choose from a selection of new and used Apple and Samsung smartphones.As a seller, you will be asked to answer a few questions about what type of Apple or Samsung device you offer and what condition it is in. After answering these questions, Glyde will present you with a trade-in price.


A good way to describe Jet is that it is a market that emphasizes quality even more than similar sites. Because of this, you might find it difficult to sell on the site.First, Jet can take weeks to approve a product for sale due to its extensive review process. If you don’t sell branded products, there’s a good chance you won’t be approved as well.At this point, Jet’s reach is also limited to the continental United States.However, if you get approval from the site, it will be easier to move your products because buyers know the reputation of the site.

Light in the box

Light in the Box is a fairly straightforward online marketplace.As the seller, you will be in charge of listing pricing and customization for your item. Once a buyer purchases an item from you, you are also responsible for handling the shipping. You can ship your product to a warehouse operated by Light in the Box.Light in the Box helps their merchants by managing customer service and overseas operations. You can also track where your products are with their help.There is no fixed fee to pay, but Light in the Box charges a 15% commission.


Newegg specializes in supplying computers and computer components to its customers, although they have expanded their offering to include other household items. Even after the expansion, you will be better served at Newegg if you intend to sell computer related items.The site also offers services similar to those provided by Amazon. They have warehouses that can hold your products and they have employees who will select, package, and ship those items if you decide to enroll in the Newegg Fulfillment program.The commission rates are a bit high on Newegg however and if you want to use all of their tools you will need to subscribe to their premium subscriptions which come with monthly fees.


Unlike some of the exchange sites featured earlier in this article, NextWorth does not offer visitors a way to purchase new or used electronics. The site is only intended to trade in your used electronic devices.The site mainly accepts smartphones, tablets and portable devices for trading.You can quickly receive a quote from NextWorth and the site will guarantee that price for up to 30 days. Another benefit of working with NextWorth is that they won’t charge you extra for shipping and you will also receive free insurance for the item you send them.Sellers can be paid by check or through PayPal.


Poshmark is a digital storefront dedicated to buying and selling trendy items. You will be able to find items from many famous brands such as Burberry, Chanel and Victoria’s Secret to name a few.

Becoming a Poshmark seller is easy. Just upload photos of what you want to sell, create a description, set a price and you’re done.

Poshmark also hosts Posh Parties which allow multiple buyers and sellers to interact with each other. However, the cost of selling on Poshmark is high. While a commission of $ 2.95 is charged on items you sell that are less than $ 15, you will need to pay a 20% commission for items priced at $ 15 or more.


Rakuten is another must-know site for avid online buyers and sellers. You can safely say that Rakuten is better suited for buyers than sellers.

Buyers can earn cashback and earn referral bonuses if they choose to shop on Rakuten. The deal offered to sellers is not as favorable.

Sellers will need to pay three types of fees. There is a monthly fee of $ 39, a fee of $ 0.99 for each item you sell, and a commission that varies depending on the category of the product. Considering the fees involved, Rakuten might not be the best place to start if you are a small seller.

Ruby lane

Online shoppers can look to Ruby Lane as a source for quality crafts as well as other types of collectibles. Ruby Lane is a specialty store, but their selection is still vast.Salespeople on Ruby Lane may find the store conditions friendly enough if they have a lot of products to offer.To get started, you’ll need to pay a one-time setup fee of $ 100. You’ll also have to pay a monthly maintenance fee, but you can get better value for it if you have a lot of items to give away.There is also a registration fee of 0.19 € for each item, but this does not expire. The good news is that Ruby Lane does not charge sellers any commission.

Sears Market

The main reason for selling in the Sears Marketplace is that they can give you access to a large customer base and make your products available in different ways. Your products may be offered through their site, their mobile app, and they may even appear at Sears kiosks located in Sears stores.In addition, your products will be listed along with other Sears offers.You will have to pay a substantial price for all this access and visibility.Sears requires sellers to pay a monthly fee of $ 39.99, and different commission rates are charged on items depending on the category to which they belong.


the name, Swappa doesn’t really involve you swapping items with other people. The site is still about buying and selling. More specifically, it is about buying and selling electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and cameras.What sets Swappa apart from most other ecommerce sites is that the seller doesn’t have to pay any fees. The buyers will be responsible for paying the fees. Charges are also fixed for increasing price ranges.You will be the one who has to pay the shipping costs, but you will receive your payment before that.


Online shoppers and sellers who are most interested in fashion and other related items will want to check out Tradesy. The site is user friendly for bulk sellers as they don’t have to worry about listing fees. There is also no monthly fee charged by the site.

Tradesy makes money by charging a commission instead. The commission rate is 19.8% on items you sell over $ 50. You will then have the option of keeping the money you earn on Tradesy or transferring it to your bank account. You will need to pay a 2.9% Secure Transfer Fee each time you choose to withdraw your winnings from Tradesy.

Walmart Market

Much like the Sears Market, the Walmart Market attracts merchants by giving them the opportunity to align themselves with a world famous brand. Once you have associated with Walmart Marketplace, you can see your products listed next to their items.Walmart gives you full control over how you sell your products. They don’t have their own fulfillment department, but you can work with one of their partners if you want.There is no monthly fee with Walmart Marketplace, but they do charge so-called referral fees which work pretty much the same as commission rates. Referral fees will change depending on the type of item you are selling.


The appeal of Zazzle is that the site allows buyers to personalize the items they purchase while sellers can post their own designs. Examples of items you can order personalized from Zazzle include clothing, accessories, electronics accessories, and home items.You will also have a role to play in the amount you earn through Zazzle. You can choose the percentage you receive from the sale of your own product. This is where sellers will need to achieve some sort of balancing act, because the higher the percentage of the sale they want to make, the higher the price of the product will also be.

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