Top 10 best social media downloaders for Android

by Krish Karthik
top 10 social media downloader application for android

There are a variety of reasons people might want a social media image or video downloader. Maybe they want to share it with their friends or keep it to watch later. However, most social media apps make it quite difficult to acquire these things. For example, Facebook and Instagram do not allow you to. Instagram does not allow you to save the images you like. There are many social networks and there are many social media downloaders. We think we’ve found the best, so let’s check them out.The list includes apps that save images and videos from Instagram, videos from Facebook, GIFs and videos from Twitter, and videos from TikTok. We may add apps for other social networks in later updates, so comment and let us know what you want to see here.

All-in-one social media video downloader

Price: Free

all in one downloader for best social media downloader

All in One Video Downloader allows you to download videos from a few platforms. It supports Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You just get the app share link, open that app and paste the link into the app to get the video. The app also includes a video player to watch the videos or you can just use your device’s video player if you prefer. This one works most of the time, but some people may have intermittent issues here and there downloading something, especially if they use it a lot in a short period of time. It has ad support without a premium version, so be prepared for the ads.

FastSave for Instagram video downloader app

Price: free

fast save application for best social media downloader

FastSave for Instagram is one of the best social media downloaders specifically for Instagram. It works with photo and video content. You can also save the ordinary photos and videos with the stories. The app also includes a dashboard to manage everything, a viewer to see the items you’ve saved, and a secret locker to hide your special photos and videos. It even has a batch backup function. Some people have reported that the actual backup feature is a bit problematic on some devices, but it worked reasonably well for us. The app is free with advertising.

Fastvid social media video downloader

Price: Free / $ 1.99

fastvid application for best social media downloader

FastVid is a video downloader specifically for Facebook. You just share a video link to the app and it does the rest. This one is nice because you don’t need to be logged in or even interact with Facebook except to get the share link for the video. Like most of the users, you can search, save and watch the videos from the app. There is also a built-in browser in case you don’t want to use the official Facebook app. Some features are a bit buggy, but the download features seem to work well.

Free social media Video Downloader

Price: free

free video downloader application for social media application

We tend to avoid apps with generic names. However, this one is one of the best social media downloaders. It supports many platforms including Vimeo, DailyMotion, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Moreover, you can convert videos to MP3 audio files in case you want to download a song or something like that. The app also includes a very basic video editor as well as things like SD card support and no watermark. The app is very basic in terms of functionality which frustrates some people, but the actual download functionality works well.

Inshot social video Downloader

Price: Free / $ 11.99

inshot video downloader application for social media application

InShot Video Downloader is one of the biggest names in social media downloaders. It supports a variety of social media sites and you can download the videos in a variety of formats. You can even do MP3 if you just want the audio without the video. It also works for images if you need it. You can use it for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and other sites. The premium version is quite expensive at $ 11.99. However, it is one of the few social media downloaders with a premium version where you can permanently remove ads.

Photo Snatch social media video downloader

Price: free / up to $ 4.99

photo snatch application for social media downloders

Photo Snatch is a bit of a wildcard on this list. It is one of the newest social media downloaders and was only released in March 2021. It supports TikTok and Instagram. It should also work on most websites with built-in video players. The app includes most of the usual stuff including a video player, no watermark, and a separate gallery to display your images and video content. It can also detect and remove duplicate files if you need to. It’s newer so there are some bugs, but it seems to be doing pretty well compared to most.

Tweet2gif social media video downloader

Price: free

twweet2gif application for social media downloder

Tweet2gif is one of the most popular tools for downloading GIFs from Twitter. Twitter doesn’t let you download them for some silly reason and this tool makes it easy for you. All you have to do is share the tweet link to the app and the app analyzes it and returns a GIF. You download the GIF as MP4 or looped animated GIF. The app works as expected. There are bots on Twitter that can do the same, but the app is just easier.

Video Downloader for TikTok – No Watermark

Price: free

video downloader application for social media downloader

It’s a bad name for an app, but the app itself works pretty well. The app works as it says it does. It lets you download videos from TikTok and doesn’t add watermark when you do. It uses two different download methods. The first one uses the old copy link method where you copy a share link into the app and try to download the video. The second method shares the video link directly to the app instead of copying and pasting. It works for most people, although some seem to have issues from time to time. The only downside is the hilarious ads. We recommend something like InShot first, but this may work if InShot doesn’t.

AZ Screen Recorder

Price: free / varies

az screen recorder application for social media downloader

There is a manual method which does not require any social media downloader. Basically, any screen recorder is useful for capturing video content and any screenshot function can capture an image. It’s not the highest quality method of doing it and it does require a bit of setup, but it works 100% of the time. We have AZ Screen Recorder linked to the button, but most modern Android phones have a built-in screen recording feature. Again, it’s kinda awesome, but it still works as long as you don’t mind the on-screen elements for stuff like TikTok.

Instagram Photos Videos Downloaders

Price: free

photos videos downloader application for instagram

Here is the thing. You don’t really need an app for a lot of things. There are download websites for pretty much any form of content, including Instagram photos, Facebook videos, and even stuff like YouTube videos. There are a ton of them, so we won’t list them here, but you can easily find them through Google search. Websites have an inherent advantage of not being apps, so you don’t have to worry about everything that happens on your phone. Plus, it’s more convenient for people who don’t download stuff very often in case they need a one-time download. The sites are usually free with a bunch of ads, but most of them generally work.

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