Dolby Atmos and Vision would be exclusive to Xbox for two years

by Krish Karthik

Dolby’s audio and visual technologies, Atmos and Vision, would be Xbox exclusive for two years after an article leaked from the French Xbox Wire team.Dolby Atmos and Vision, the latter already available to Xbox Insider program participants, is Xbox’s licensed response to the PS5’s Tempest Engine.

As reported by the Wired Report the French page Xbox Wire briefly hosted an article claiming that Dolby’s 3D audio technology and its vision enhancing software would be exclusive to the Xbox Series X | S for a period of about two years.The translated information read: “The Xbox Series X | S has been Dolby Atmos compatible since its release and Dolby Vision will arrive on these consoles in 2021, the two technologies will remain exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem for two years.

”Microsoft quickly deleted the post, but as Sony created its own proprietary technology to handle 3D audio rather than the Dolby license, and like the Xbox Series X | S is already Atmos compatible, the rumor seems to have some credibility.

We reached out to Microsoft for comment.Microsoft recently released a surprise update to its Surface Duo hardware that turns the dual-screen touch device into a handheld console. The device is capable of playing games through the Xbox Cloud Gaming Service, which launched earlier this year.The update, which turns the second screen into a touchscreen controller, currently supports 66 games on the Xbox Game Pass service, including Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice , Kill the Arrow , Gears 5 , What ‘s Left of Edith Finch and Sea of ​​Thieves .

Other news from Microsoft suggests the company is set to host a joint conference with Bethesda , either before or during E3. Xbox game studios director Matt Booty, who reportedly told French publication Le Figaro that a joint event should take place “this summer to introduce players to [the company’s] upcoming projects.”

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