The 5 Coolest Windows Media Player Visuals for Your Music Experience

by Krish Karthik
The 5 Coolest Windows Media Player Visuals for Your Music Experience

Windows Media Player is still here and you can use it to create an awesome visual music experience.

While most people stream music these days, some prefer to keep their own audio library. If you are in this state of mind, you are probably also interested in continuing to use Windows Media Player.

Despite many modern alternatives, there is something nostalgic about starting your favorite album in WMP and watching those classic visualizers play. However, if you’re bored of the preinstalled visualizer, we’ll shock you with some of the coolest alternative visualizers out there.

How to get Windows Media Player viewers

For most of these different viewers, you’ll be able to get your hands on them from one place: Microsoft’s website. Open Windows Media Player and start playing an audio file. Click the Now Playing button to display the Now Playing window .

In the Now Playing window , right-click and hover over Visualizations . At the bottom of the list, select Download Visualization to go to the Microsoft support website.

Please note that Microsoft no longer officially supports Windows Media Player. Downloads available on this site cannot be downloaded in a secure manner, so readers do so at their own risk.

On the support site, right-click the Download button for the desired viewer and select Save Link As . Once you’ve downloaded the executable, run it to install your new viewer.

If everything worked, you should find a new option in the Windows Media Player context menu.

The coolest Windows Media Player viewers

So, now you know where to get them and how to use them, but which of these Windows Media Player visualizers is the coolest? We’ve put together a list of the most interesting for you here.

Psychedelia Viz Pack

Picture Viz pack media player

This pack includes seven new visualizers to try out, and as the name suggests, things can get a little trippy. Along with a 3D version of the album art viewer, you also get access to more psychedelic visuals than a music video from Tool.

A particular highlight is probably the Distortion mode with a giant image of your album art, rocking the music under a blue sky as the text spins lazily.

Windows Media 9 Series

Windows Media 9 Series Music Experience

While it may have the blandest name in the universe, the Windows Media 9 Series viewer is ideal for a slightly more relaxing and subtle effect. It features a reactive water pool at the bottom and audio levels projected onto the backgrounds.

One of the best parts of this visualization is its personalization. You can change the size of the audio level display and remove reflections and logos from the screen.


WhiteCap madia player

WhiteCap is a fairly well-known viewer for Windows Media Player, and it’s easy to see why. More than any other viewer on this list, WhiteCap gives you a huge amount of customization. You can change shapes, colors, backgrounds. You name it.

The reason WhiteCap is not higher on this list is that this viewer is not free. You can get a free trial version with streamlined features, but for the full software you’ll have to shell out $ 20 or $ 30 for the gold / platinum versions.

Trilogy III

Trilogy IIImadia player

There were a lot of Trilogy options to choose from from the list of available viewers, but Trilogy III pretty much wins. The three Trilogy packs are quite excellent, each providing three new visualizers for you to enjoy.

Trilogy III is the best, thanks to the included Mystic Cloud viewer . Not only does it have an incredibly well-fitting name for the title, but it has a subtle, weird tone when you watch the viewer burst into color, only to disappear from the screen moments later.

Yule Log

The last new visualizer you need to get your hands on is very situational. If it’s the summer months, you’ll probably be less interested, but the Yule Log Viewer is a great decorative piece during the winter.

This visualizer emulates a burning log crackling in a fire, the flames dancing exactly to the beat of the audio you are listening to. If you are trying to set the mood during the winter months, this visualizer will make you feel warm, safe and warm. It’s a shame that you have to install the Winter Fun Pack 2004 to get this one.

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