The 10 best sites to start an e-commerce online store

by Krish Karthik
The 10 best sites to start an ecommerce online store

How to easily create an online store?

In the continuity of our article on the 10 best platforms to create a website easily , we offer you our Top 10 of the best platforms to create an online store.

Today, more and more people are using the internet as a tool to create a store, so that more and more online stores are emerging. These platforms for creating online stores offer beginners and small businesses an ideal solution allowing them to easily create their virtual store, without needing the services of a developer and without any programming knowledge.

Anyone wiship[ng to open an online business should ask themselves which platform is the most suitable and the most appropriate for their needs. There is a multitude of platform choices to create your e-store. To avoid wasting time and simplify your task, we have selected the 10 best platforms to create your online store easily. You will find there both platforms for beginners and individuals but also platforms for professionals and companies.


Website: wix

Wix is ​​the perfect solution for small online stores. It makes it much easier to set up an online store for beginners. Wix offers powerful features that make building an eCommerce site easy and accessible to everyone.

Wix allows you to choose from a large number of themes from which you can design your online store. Themes can be changed and customized to suit your preferences. Wix offers a free plan for building your website, but the functionality of the free version is limited. The online stores offered by Wix are designed to work on all types of devices such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. Wix software is perfect for beginners who want a simple solution to building an online store.


Wix offers several plans:

Basic Business: at € 17 / month.
Business Unlimited: at 25 € / month.
VIP : at 35 € / month.


Website: WordPress presents itself as an optimal tool for beginners. Indeed, with you will simply have to worry about your content, without worrying about the technical side related to the maintenance of the site, such as hosting, backups and security.

Create a website with includes multiple possibilities for e-commerce. It is equipped with all the necessary instruments allowing you to distribute your content and sell your creations. makes it easy for you with a simplified payment system. With the simplified payment button, you can now easily receive credit card payments.
WordPress is ahead of the competition in terms of performance and ease of use. Now everyone has the possibility to create an online store. The platform is a simplified version of the popular platform. This is the best compromise if you are looking to build a quality store without having to deal with the complexity of .


TheWordPress.comsiteoffers several packages:

Premium: at € 8 / month . This formula is ideal for bloggers who want to create a website capable of accepting payments, donations or subscriptions with simplified payments and recurring payments.

Business: at 25 € / month . This package is particularly suitable for small businesses looking to launch their online store.

eCommerce: at 45 € / month . This formula is ideal for companies wishing to develop quickly using the most efficient tools.


Wibsite: Shopify

Shopify is proving to be one of the most effective solutions for building an online store. In terms of design, Shopify offers one of the best services on the market. One can choose from a multitude of models which are suitable for all kinds of online businesses. The Shopify platform is distinguished by a simple and intuitive user interface and offers you many tools that will allow you to optimize your sales performance.

Shopify e-commerce

Shopify has already helped over 1 million businesses in 175 countries generate more than $ 150 billion in revenue. The Shopify site provides you with optimal service delivery, so you don’t have to worry about software management, installing updates, backing up data and security. It also offers an integrated payment service.
In addition, Shopify includes integrated inventory management services, an unlimited number of products, a powerful statistics collection solution as well as simple and effective advertising tools. With its simple and innovative approach, Shopify is the ideal solution to create a successful online store that meets your expectations.

Prices :

Shopify gives you a 14-day trial period.
Three formulas are available:

Basic Shopify: at € 29 / month.
Shopify: at € 79 / month.
Advanced Shopify: at € 299 / month.

Shopify Plus : For professionals, you also have the Shopify Plus solution, which allows you to take advantage of tailor-made sales features.

Shopify Lite : There is also the Shopify Lite extension allowing you to sell on Facebook, receive credit card payments for € 9 / month.


Wibsite: BigCommerce

BigCommerce has been one of the best solutions for creating online stores since 2009. The company has quickly become one of the main platforms to create an e-commerce site. BigCommerce specializes in the design of e-commerce sites for businesses.

create an online store
Lots of internationally renowned companies are using BigCommerce. This platform is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers. BigCommerce has a range of extremely powerful e-commerce tools that are particularly easy to use for novices.
It offers you various online store templates with modern and attractive design. The templates on offer have been designed in such a way that you can personalize your store without having to code. In addition, the multitude of plugins offered offers additional customization possibilities that will help you optimize your store.

Prices :

BigCommerce offers you several plans:

Standard : at € 29 / month.
Plus : at € 79 / month.
Pro : at € 299 / month.
Enterprise: The price is determined by Bigcommerce according to your request.


Website: Woocomerce

In case you already have a WordPress site and you just want to add an ordering and payment system, the WooCommerce solution is the most suitable. Rather than starting from scratch with a new platform, this WordPress plugin will easily combine with your WordPress site.

Create an online store
This company was born in 2008 under the name of WooThemes. She chose to focus on e-commerce at the start of 2017. WooCommerce quickly became one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the internet. WooCommerce offers the ability to manage your sales and view your results from your WordPress dashboard. You can easily add your products, just like you would a regular item. WooCommerce is the simple and efficient solution to create an online store with WordPress.


Website: Weebly

Weebly makes it easy for newbies to build an online store. The company is distinguished in the field of the realization of e-commerce sites. Weebly makes it easy to create a website thanks to its personalized advice and the practical aspects of its platform. Most newbies will appreciate the ease of use of Weebly.

Create a website with Weebly
Weebly has been around since 2007 and today has a few million members. Whether it is to start an online store from scratch or even put your store online, you will quickly see how easy it can be to create an online store. For this, Weebly is equipped with advanced tools and a quality marketing service. It supports you throughout the process, in particular by facilitating the management of delivery costs and inventory management for e-commerce sites.


Weebly offers several formulas:

Pro: at € 10 / month.
Business : at 20 € / month.
Business Plus: at € 30 / month.


Website: squarespace

Squarespace is one of the best places to start an online store. In addition to the possibilities to create your own online store, it turns out to be one of the best platforms that make it easy to create a website.

Square Space

This site is recognized for its original designs, its reliability and its technical qualities. Squarespace offers you a wide range of templates for your online store. Its powerful tools will also allow you to quickly customize the suggested themes. You will probably be surprised at how easily and quickly you will add products to your online store. Squarespace will also allow you to manage your stocks and your orders optimally. Squarespace is suitable for both beginners and existing businesses.

Prices :

Squarespace offers several plans:

Business : at 17 € / month.
Trade : at 24 € / month.
Advanced Trade : at 36 € / month.


Websiet: Volusion

Volusion is dedicated exclusively to the creation of online stores. Among the many strengths of Volusion are advanced e-commerce features.

With its intuitive tools, it will be easy for you to master the operation of the platform. Among its most important functions are, for example, functions related to inventory management, distribution and logistics. The platform also provides effective SEO tools. Volusion is designed for both individuals and SMEs. It offers models suitable for various activities.

Prices :

Volusion offers you several plans:

Personal : at € 29 / month.
Professional : at € 79 / month.
Business : at € 299 / month.


Website: Prestashop

PrestaShop is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. It is considered one of the most successful open source initiatives in the world. PrestaShop turns out to be more complex than the other e-commerce platforms in our comparison.

Create an online store

If you want to create your online store with PrestaShop, you will need to have some code knowledge. Although the free solution is attractive, it is advisable to turn to paid platforms, especially if you do not have technical knowledge. You might quickly find yourself hiring a developer. If you have knowledge, PrestaShop can turn out to be a wise choice. PrestaShop software already has more than 300,000 online stores around the world.


Website: Site123

This site is a website and online store building tool for beginners. SITE123 allows you to create a very basic online store.

Create a website with Site123

Thanks to the instruments at your service, you will not need to acquire technical knowledge or programming skills. It is especially suitable for users without technical experience. On the other hand, experienced users will quickly tire of using it for more technically demanding needs. It may also lack some useful settings, such as for example the ability to automatically add products, payment options and delivery options.

Prices :

Site123 offers you a formula:

Premium : at € 10 / month.

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