Check out these Twitter bots that make your life easier

by Krish Karthik
thread reader twitter bots that makes your life easier

The Internet is full of little tools to simplify your life. On Twitter, a host of bots are ready to bend over backwards for you. We have selected some useful bots for you.

If you dawdle on Twitter a lot, you’ve probably crossed paths with one of the many bots that populate the microblogging platform. Disembodied account obeying only the requests of a machine and a few algorithms, these robots are numerous on the network and have only one function: to make your life easier.

Their operation is simple. Each bot is specialized in a very specific task, and can be called up in response to a tweet, with the Twitter mention tool (the @). As soon as the message is sent, the machine starts up and delivers the fruit of its hard work to you, usually in a few minutes.

Some offer you a clean and tidy article, from a Twitter thread exploded into messages of 280 characters, others help you upload a video or create automatic reminders. In short, the botverse is rich on Twitter. We present to you some of the most useful services.


Thread reader app for twitter

In recent years, fashion has been on Twitter. This feature allows messages of 280 characters to be chained together to give users more flexibility and allow them to express themselves at greater length. But if reading 280-character sausage stories annoys you, you can call on @ThreadReaderApp.

Respond to any Twitter thread that interests you by mentioning the @threadreaderapp account with the word “unroll” (for “unroll”) and within minutes you will have an elegantly formatted article available to you.


Thread reader download app for twitter

If you want to download a video that you saw on Twitter, nothing complicated, just mention the @this_vid account in response to the targeted tweet and the bot will provide you with a download link as soon as the video is ready.

And if you want to do a little editing on a video, the @ editvideob0t account allows you, with a whole host of controls, to remix the videos you see on Twitter. Be careful with the videos you tamper with or download, though: copyright issues may apply.


Thread reader remainder download app for twitter.

Easy as pie, the principle of the @RemindMe_OfThis bot is to remind you of the existence of a tweet after a specified period of time. If you’re on Twitter and see an interesting article or video that you can’t read right away, simply reply to the tweet with the bot and when you want a reminder.

Only small problem, the bot only works in English. It will therefore be necessary to indicate the reminder time in the format “Next Thursday at 4pm” or “in two hours” for example.

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