How to change DNS for my domain name on GoDaddy?

by Krish Karthik
how to change your dns on godaddy

Have you purchased a domain name from the GoDaddy site and want to link it to your website or online store? and learn how to change dns for your domain name on godaddy?.

For this you must change:

Server names: if you have no email address for the moment with this domain name. Ex.


If you have one or more e-mail addresses with this domain name, contact us to be sure not to lose them.

How to Change Server Names on GoDaddy

Method for those who do not have an email address with the domain name – or who have one or more addresses but have had the validation of the Panierdachat team to change the DNS.

godaddy domain names for changing dns

Step 1: First, log into your account

Step 2: When you log in you will be on the “Domains” page, if you are not there, go there by clicking here . Click on the domain name.

godaddy domain setting for changing dns

Step3: In this new page click on the blue link “Manage DNS”

Step4: On this new page you will see all the registrations of your domain name.

changing name server in godaddy

Step5: In the 2nd table “Nameservers” Click on the blue button “Change”.

connect your website to domain

Step6: If this page below appears, click on Enter my own nameservers , otherwise go to step(6).

Step7: Enter in the two fields “Nameservers” the two addresses like below:

enter name server and update own name servers



Step8: If you just bought your name on GoDaddy there may be 4 lines, you can delete two using the “trash can” icon to the right of each line.

Step9: Once this is done, click on Save to Save

And there you have it, your domain name is configured and you can follow the above steps to change DNS in godaddy.

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