The 6 best golf range finder apps for Android

by Krish Karthik
The 6 best golf range finder apps for Android

Turn your smartphone into a virtual shopping cart with the help of these amazing golf apps for Android.

Golf GPS apps have become popular among golfers in recent years. These apps allow players to calculate layup distances and distances on the golf course, as well as track their stats during each round to better work on their performance.

If you are a golfer and want to pinpoint your exact location on the course or just find the distance to the nearest hole, these apps will help you. Here are the six best golf apps for Android that you can check out today.

Golf mats

Golf mats golf range finder apps for Android

As soon as you launch this app, you get clear guidance on locating your next course, using the scoring tab, and changing your handicap settings. You can add nearby golf courses from the GPS on the app, or use an unexplored course when playing golf.

Golf Pad will automatically give you the distance for each shot and other valuable data like shots won and shot spread. Another cool feature of this app is the range finder which gives you the distance to the middle, front and back of the green or other points on the course.

You can also view your game history and add notes as needed. Detailed stats go a long way in improving your game. The premium version offers extended stats, handicap score and the ability to sync with your smartwatch.

Golf GPS and scorecard by SwingU

Golf GPS and scorecard by SwingU

Golf GPS from SwingU is one of the best golf GPS rangefinders on this list, with a scorecard to keep track of your scores as you play. You get precise distances to greens and obstacles using GPS, no matter what course you are playing on around the world.

The app offers easy scoring and course statistics in a simple format. You have the option of choosing between satellite and aerial view of the selected golf course. Beginners will likely find this app easy to use on the course.

You also get tips from the best clubhouse instructors to help you improve your swing.

To get a scorecard analysis and access more lessons and tips, you will need to upgrade to the premium version. The main downside is that this app is filled with a lot of ads which can be annoying in the middle of a game.


Hole19 golf range finder apps for android

Hole19 is a rangefinder app that will help you play golf better. With features like a GPS range finder, live score, and stats tracker, this all-in-one golf app is great for helping you get better. The app makes it easy to check your distances, set your goal, and view your scorecard.

With Hole19, you can quickly track your scores and key stats like strokes, sandsticks, and putts. Likewise, you use an Android phone as a GPS plotter, you can use it to find yardages and distances on the green.

The Hole19 app has a leaderboard to show how other players are performing and assess your competition. Community reviews and photos also help you know what to look out for before you go golfing at a certain course.

Golfshot Golf GPS Scorecard & Shot Tracker

Golfshot Golf GPS Scorecard Shot Tracker

With Golfshot, you get distances to all your targets and hazards on courses available around the world. This app allows you to tag your games to get useful stats on how you play, and you can save them on the scoreboard for later review.

Golfshot is great because you can use it hands-free. Real-time voice and audio hole feedback features let you focus more on your swing. The video library on the app includes golf fitness tips, faults and fixes, as well as workout videos.

You can add equipment like your favorite driving club while staying on top of the latest golf news from this app. It’s a comprehensive app for all of your golfing needs on and off the course.

18 birds

18 birds golf range finder apps for android

18Birdies offers many features to help you improve your game. The score and stats available can help you with strategies to improve your swing. You can know the altitude and local weather using the live course conditions, so you are ready for any weather change. With 18Birdies, you also get the precise distances to plan your tee shot.

You can easily enter details of your previous lap to add to your stats and manage your performance. The AI ​​Coach is a unique feature that offers instant swing analysis to help you improve your swing for a better shot. Unfortunately, this is only available in the premium version.

The 18Birdies app offers dashboards for courses around the world. You can use other offline GPS trackers on Android to find the route closest to you for use with this app.

Take your golf to the next level

Take your golf to the next level

It’s easy to take your golfing to the next level with these golf range finder apps on Android. They make it easy to track your performance for review and improvement. Much like dedicated GPS rangefinder devices, these applications locate your course, measure distance to hazards and maintain a scoreboard for competitions.

If you already own Garmin golf devices, the Garmin Golf app will be great to use. For beginners, SwingU’s Golf Pad and Golf GPS are perhaps the easiest to try out when you are starting out.

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