AMD processors are present on over 30% of users’ computers on Steam

by Krish Karthik
AMD processors are present on over 30% of users' computers on Steam

This event marks a period of success for Ryzen processors

The results obtained through the research presented in Steam , with detailed information on the hardware and software used by their players, comes to signal excellent news for users of AMD : the company, with the success of the Ryzen Transformers , managed to regain more than 30% of presence on the computers of the players of the platform.

This is not the first time that AMD has marked presence with this tranche of participation in computer gamers; however, it had been a few years since it last appeared so significantly, above 30%, in the charts released by the company. The result was obtained from data transmitted in May 2021, and registered an increase of 0.65% since the last period analyzed.

The positive result is not unexpected for enthusiasts of the tech giant. In recent years, since the launch of its Ryzen line of processors, constant improvements have been made possible for its buyers – whether with more competitive prices than the competition, or with truly impressive high performance options like processors. EPYC .

Regarding its share of the video card market, there was a small setback: the company is present in 16.2% of the machines analyzed. Previously, the result was 16.3%. This is not a very relevant difference, but an improvement in these numbers is expected, if the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution really establishes itself as a competitor to live up to the DLSS, Deep Learning Super Sampling , from Nvidia.

The technology is still at the beginning of its cycle, so its maximum potential will be further refined as these features mature. The big advantage of implementing AMD is that it will also be beneficial even on competing graphics cards – on models that have not received the new features introduced in the GPU segment. GeForce RTX.

We just have to wait and see the outcome of the battles AMD is waging with both Intel and Nvidia, in different segments. In any case, competition is always positive for the consumer.

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