Uber, Facebook, Instagram and other apps that are slowly killing your smartphone

by Krish Karthik

What’s the first thing you do when you launch a new smartphone ? Download all the apps you need, of course. After a few hours (or days) of downloading applications, your entry menu is covered with colored squares, giving you the satisfaction of having everything: applications for social networks, transport, dating, online commerce. line, for video conferencing and fitness, for the most popular name. However, recent research has revealed that many of them are slowly killing your smartphone.

The company pCloud , which offers cloud storage services, has a study to find out which apps are the most demanding for our mobile devices.

The research looked at 100 of the most popular apps based on three criteria: the features each app uses (like location or camera), battery consumption, and whether dark mode is available. So, they found out which of these not only drained our phone’s battery but also took up the most memory and slowed it down.

These are the applications classified as “smartphone killers”

According to the study, the Fitbit and Verizon apps turned out to be the biggest “smartphone killers”. Both allow 14 of the 16 available functions to run in the background, including the four most demanding: camera, location, microphone, and WiFi connection. This earned them the highest score in the study: 92.31% Of the 20 most demanding applications for the mobile battery, 6 are social networks . Facebook , Instagram , Snapchat , Youtube , WhatsApp, and LinkedIn allow 11 functions to run in the background, such as photos, WiFi, location, and microphone. Of these, only IG allows Dark Mode to save up to 30% battery power, as does Twitter , which didn’t make it into the top 20.

Tinder , Bumble, and Crusher dating apps account for 15% of the 20 most demanding apps. On average, they allow 11 functions to run in the background and none have dark mode.In terms of the amount of memory they ask for, travel and transportation apps topped the list. The United Airlines app is the one that consumes the most storage on the phone, as it requires 437.8MB of space. Elevator follows with 325.1 MB, then Uber , which takes up 299.6 MB.Among video conferencing applications, Microsoft Teams is the one that consumes the most memory, taking up 232.2 MB of space. In comparison, Zoom only requires 82.1 MB and Skype 111.2 MB.

The 20 apps that tire your phone the most

The top 20 most demanding applications, based on the functions they perform and all the activity they generate, were:

Fitbit – 92%
Verizon – 92%
Uber – 87%
Skype – 87%
Facebook – 82%
AirB & B – 82%
Instagram – 79%
Tinder – 77%
Bumblebee – 77%
Snapchat – 77%
WhatsApp – 77%
Zoom – 77%
YouTube – 77%
Reservation – 77%
Amazonia – 77%
Telegram – 77%
Crusher – 72%
Like – 72%
LinkedIn – 72

Also among the 50 apps that kill phone battery and memory are Twitter (# 25), Shazam (30), Shein (31), Spotify (32), Pinterest (37), Amazon Prime (38), Netflix ( 40), TIC Tac (41), Duolingo (44) and Uber mange (50).

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