Top 9 best selfie apps for Android

by Krish Karthik
best selfie apps for android

Regular photography is a little different from taking a selfie. People want selfies to be taken in different ways. Some want blemishes to go away while others may want something as realistic as possible. Tons of people appreciate filters and other cute add-ons for maximum effect. You’ve probably seen the result of this on things like Facebook or Twitter as profile pictures. Either way, there are plenty of ways to get the results you want. Here are the best selfie apps for Android.

Adobe lightroom

Price: free / up to $ 53.99 per month

adobe lightroom application for audio video editing

Adobe is one of the biggest names in photo editing. This makes Lightroom a natural selection for this list. Lightroom is a complete photo editor. You can change simple items like white balance or tint as well as more complex items. The app also comes with a camera function to take photos directly with the app. Adobe has killed it in recent years. They also have Adobe Photoshop Express ( Google Play link ) with a bunch of filters and effects as well as Adobe Photoshop Camera ( Google Play link ) with even more effects and editing tools. You can honestly use all three if you want.


Price: free

b612 best selfi application for android

B612 is one of the most popular free selfie apps. The app already has a bunch of filters and stuff. The main attraction, however, is the ability to create your own filters. Plus, the app gives you recommendations for slight edits to your selfies, a night mode for low-light shots, and even a GIF maker feature. There are also some lightweight video editing tools if you want to go this route. The feature set is pretty amazing for the little it costs, which is nothing. The only problem is some bugs reported by other users.


Price: free

bestie application for selfie maker

Bestie is a selfie camera app from the same developers of Camera360. It offers a bunch of editing tools and filters specifically for selfies. Some examples include skin tone retouching, spot remover, and contour reshaping. There are also a ton of metric filters as well as some that emulate the animal face feature you see in Snapchat. There’s also a night mode for taking low-light photos and a quick fix tool if you want to go the lazy route (there’s nothing wrong with that). It’s a pretty versatile tool for selfie enthusiasts.

Candy camera selfie app

Price: free / $ 8.49 per year

candy camera the best app for selfie
candy camera the best app for selfie

Candy Camera is an older classic in the selfie app space. Like most of the others, it is a combination of a camera app and a photo editor. This includes the ability to make collages, a bunch of different filters, several editing tools, and little extras like stickers. It’s a bit basic compared to a lot of its competition. However, there are several unique features that others do not have. Most of the complaints are due to old free features becoming premium features, but otherwise the app is pretty good.


Price: free / up to $ 3.49

Cymera best selifie application

Cymera is another older camera app with a bunch of selfie features. The app includes real-time selfie filters so you can see your photos before you take them. Some other tools include various editing tools, beautify effects, and even an Instagram mode that makes your images a 1: 1 square. You even get stuff like a memes editor if you want to be funny. The full list of features is much longer than what we have here. The app also receives consistent updates. It is definitely one of the best apps on the list.


Price: Free / $ 6.99

fotogenic best for application maker

Fotogenic is where we start to see some truly unique selfie apps. This one lets you create, edit, and add a bunch of stuff. One example is adding a tattoo to your body that you don’t actually have. Things like this are usually quite difficult to do. Either way, the app also comes with a bunch of filters, stickers, text, and other similar options. It also includes body editing. Of course, you have to be careful with something like this. Otherwise, you end up with completely bogus images that don’t truly reflect you. But you can go that far if you really want to.

LightX Selfie application

Price: Free / $ 2.99 per month / $ 14.99 per year / $ 40.00 once

lightx The Best selfie application for android

LightX is quite a popular photo editor. Like Adobe Lightroom, this one can be used for all types of photos and not just selfies. Its main feature is a lasso tool that removes the background so that you can style your photos however you want. You can also merge photos, add various photo effects and selfie filters, remove elements like blemishes and even introduce bokeh blur effect to your photos. It has occasional bugs and the pro version is a bit more expensive than most. Otherwise, it is one of the best photo editors.

Snapseed selfie app

Price: free

snapseed the best selfie application for android and iOS

Snapseed is a photo editor from Google. It’s not the most complex tool in the Play Store, and the feature list isn’t the longest. However, it does provide a free option with some decent tools. It includes 29 editing tools, including an HDR mode as well as a healing brush. There is also an automatic mode which corrects the photos for you. The app also supports RAW images, photo frames, etc. For selfies, there’s a face enhancement feature that applies filters to fix things. There is also a Face Pose mode which uses a 3D model to correct portrait poses. It is definitely one of the best free selfie apps on the Play Store.

Your camera app

Price: free

youcam perfect best selfie camera application for android

The app for your camera is a surprisingly powerful tool on most devices. Many devices include things like a portrait mode for taking crisp selfies, as well as a beauty mode, a professional mode where you can select manual controls, and more. Some devices, like most modern Samsung devices, even have AR modes that let you make small animals out of your face. Additionally, OEMs tailor the photo settings to the actual lens so that you often get better and sharper images from the stock camera app. It’s worth exploring your camera app settings to see the different modes, potential add-ons, and other settings.

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