Top 12 Currency Converter Apps for Android and iOS

by Krish Karthik
Top 12 Currency Converter Apps for Android and iOS


Xe is one of the most recognized and trusted international currency converter apps. This is a 100% reliable app for transferring money to other countries, but charges a very minimal amount for the exchange. Proof that this is a reliable application can be estimated by the fact that it operates in a total of 165 countries and deals in 65 types of currencies. If you are someone who needs to send money overseas, then XE is a great choice. If your business is well distributed among foreign countries, you can pay your foreign customers through this app. You can register quietly without hassle and go!

Currency converter

Currency Converter is one such user-friendly and straightforward application. The app is so well developed that it is updated with the new exchange rates according to the changes in the currencies. Not only does it convert entire world currencies, but also converts the rates of precious metals. An additional feature that separates it from its competition is that it also works in offline mode. The application is bug-free and hassle-free. It also works at top speed which converts currencies in no time.


Currency provides up-to-date and accurate exchange rates for over 150 countries around the world. This app comes in handy when you travel abroad. It is a very small but informative and simple application. Another special feature of the app is that it does not require any WiFi network or mobile data to operate. It is the main application since 2008 on iPhone and it is used by millions of users around the world even today.

Currency Exchange rate

Today, the currency exchange rate is recognized around the world. The reason for this is its feature which not only converts currencies from over 170 countries but also cryptocurrencies. Now convert currencies effortlessly and is also very reliable. The fact that it has 1 million active users shows its authenticity. It has a clean design and is also very efficient. Moreover, it does not convert currencies but also previous metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc.

Currency converter Plus

Currency Converter Plus is a very compatible app that has countless numbers of important features to look out for. Some of them are that it has 222 currencies which include cryptocurrencies as well as precious metals. The exchange rate is updated every minute, which is called “dynamic price detection”. Also, by putting any person’s correct geographic location, you can automatically convert money to their local currency, which is a great feature for paying overseas customers! This converter is so accurate that it converts currencies up to 3 decimal places.

Fast currency converter

Fast Currency Converter is hassle-free and works fast. The app can convert 3 currencies at a time which is very remarkable. All major currencies are included to convert them. Here you get a secure currency flow through safe and secure HTTP. It is a fast and easy-to-use currency converter app available for Android and iOS users. You will be able to convert all major world currencies on this application. Along with this, it also stores the latest updated tariffs for offline mode. It is suitable for all users from all countries.


Wise provides superior quality to its customers and they are no doubt quite satisfied with it. They don’t prefer hidden fees and are clear about the fees they charge. They charge a minor amount as a transfer fee when sending the amount overseas. As they use the mid-market rate, they are able to provide the best exchange rate in a very foolproof way. By signing up to the app, you will be able to use a multi-currency account and also benefit from the Mastercard debit card. The application is multidimensional as it not only provides utility to businesses but also to the layman.

Currency Converter Calculator

Currency converter calculator apps take great pride in being explicit in terms of daily exchange rate fluctuations. The app is compatible with all devices as the required storage is meager. Unlike other apps, you can copy and paste numbers and get the result you want. The performance of the application has always increased. This app has no bugs or requires no fixes which is great. It has over a million downloads which itself shows the suitability of the app.

My motto

My motto is a reliable app used around the world due to its constant and consistent refinement. The app includes 180 currencies, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The app is designed so constructively that it converts multiple currencies at once. This app can also be used in offline mode and can also be added as a screen widget. In addition, the app is clean and updates information very quickly.

BEC Kuwait

The Bahrain Exchange Company actually made currency needs and exchange rates more accessible and now it’s effortless. One can transfer money online thanks to its simple and fast online transfer function. Not only can you view exchange rates, but you can also keep tabs on your favorites with this feature. Money can be sent to many countries including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines and many more. Another remarkable feature is that for money transfer they charge a much lower interest rate than the bank rate.

Vaulta EX

Using this app, you can check tons of currencies within seconds at your fingertips. The application is functional even in offline mode. Now you can search for whatever currency you want with its name, code or even country. It is the simplest and most user-friendly app you can see. No frills, this is one of the simpler apps with the tiniest interface. With over 160 currencies, it gives users hourly updates of changes.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate is considered to be one of the most suitable and suitable applications. You have the option to choose your priority currencies and monitor them closely. Currencies are calculated quickly thanks to the fast operation of the application. You can monitor all the currencies that participate in the Forex currency market and view the exact values ​​of all of them. It also shows the values ​​of regional currencies. The main objective of the app is to count and secure your money without any complications.

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