Top 10 Word Games Apps for Android and iOS

by Krish Karthik

When you feel like playing a new game on your smart device, the options can be huge and overwhelming. Android and iOS app stores are full of exciting games. Word play is the best way to learn new words. There is a large collection of word game apps available for Android and iOS users. These apps provide the opportunity to enjoy your time with new words. In this article, we list the 10 best word game apps for Android and iOS users. These apps have a large number of new popular dictionary words.

This is especially true for games of scrabble. So if you are looking for something fun to play when you are bored, these are the best word game apps to play on your phone. These apps are available for all age groups. You can just choose a best app from this list after you install it on your smartphone, you can just choose your age range. After that you will get a new way to play word game and learn something new. Word games are the most popular and fun apps and loved by people of all age groups.

Top 10 Word Games Apps for Android and iOS


Wordscapas Word Games Apps for Android and iOS

Wordscapes is a game that combines word creation with crosswords. Simply swipe to join the letters to create words that match the crosswords. Please note that not all possible words are correct. They need to match the crosswords for you to progress.

If you like relaxing word game apps, Wordscapes is the best choice. The backgrounds of the puzzle are themed with beautiful images of sunrises to oceans. You can also use it as a crossword app to play crossword games. The game also has good background sound to enhance its experience. For a relaxed and challenging word game, Wordscapes is definitely the best option.

Words with friends

Words with Friends Wold Game App For Andiroid And Ios

This game is another of the great classic word game apps. Like the previous one, this is a version of Scrabble for smartphones, in which the player has to construct words with the letters assigned to them. It can be played in multiple languages ​​and play against randomly selected friends or opponents. It is available for download on iPhone and Android phones.


Scrabble Go Wold Game Apps for Android and iOS

Scrabble is one of the most famous board game apps , in one game you have to form and place the best possible words using randomly drawn letters to get the highest score. The application integrates all the principles of the game and allows you to play against the AI ​​but also online and with your friends. In addition to the French version you will be able to play in English, Spanish, Italian to become the best in several languages! Scrabble on smartphones also has the official built-in dictionary and a teacher function which will train you to become a better player.

Word search

word search gaming application for android and ios

This is a great word search game created by RV AppStudios. This word game app brings you the best crossword puzzles ever. You will discover all the crossword puzzles. It is the most difficult wifi free game app . In this game you can enjoy the best combination of crossword and word search and is loved by millions of people. Download this game app now and find all the hidden words.

In this game, all you have to do is slide your fingers over the word to solve the puzzle. The further you go, the more complicated this game becomes. The puzzle tests your vocabulary, puzzle solving skills, and lateral thinking. You also receive gifts every day. Your progress is automatically saved and you can play this game offline. You can play this game anytime anywhere. It’s easy to play and hard to master at the same time. In this game the words are intended for all ages and it is perfect for children and adults.

Word war

Word Wars Gameing app for android

It is one of the best multiplayer scrabble games. We can guarantee that you will fall in love with this game. In this game, just like scrabble, you get a set of letters through which to create words. The game will reward you with points according to the word created by you and at the end of the game the player with the highest score wins. The table is divided into sections and some of the sections provide bonus points like a double word and a double letter. Players can play with their friends or with any random opponent. It also provides in-game chat functionality through which one can tease his opponents.

Word Life

word Life gaming application for android and ios

Word Life is a crossword puzzle game that allows the player to find and join a letter to spell the word. It is a very relaxing vocabulary game that can be played anywhere as the levels are offline. It has over 6000 levels, so it will take a long time to complete the game. It is a fantastic vocabulary generator which helps the player to build his mind while having fun. The game also has an online mode in which one can play with his friends and compete with them. This scrabble game also hosts special events to increase player engagement with certain goals to be achieved.

Play on words

play on words best word games for android and ios device

The name of the game is similar to Game of Thrones, just like the gameplay, like the popular TV series. The players of the game will really conquer the words and improve their Word IQ. This word game app allows you to create anagrams in the form of crosswords. You must attach the words on their rack and fill in the empty spaces of the table. This strategy game has a leaderboard feature where users can compete with their friends and fight their way to the top.

Slip the words

Silp The Wolds Gameing For app IOS

Like the popular candy, the game has to find and drag the combinations of words hidden on the board. The game has a very attractive and beautiful interface with images of fantastic landscapes. It is the best way to challenge your mind and improve your vocabulary. To help gamers, the developers have provided features like find, hint, and shuffle which is a good idea. In addition, one can also change the theme and the background in case of boredom. The game starts off easy but gets difficult the further you go. The best part about the game is that it is completely free.

Garden of words

Garden of words Gameing App Andriod

As the name suggests, the full gameplay takes place with several garden landscapes in the background. This fun app really makes learning fun with its beautiful and simple user interface. It is very easily accessible with just a swipe of the finger on the letter, we can make a word. It contains around 700 puzzles with support for multiple languages. The game provides a dictionary for those times when a very weird word appears and you even judge it exists. The puzzles are completely offline and free.

Word harvest

Wold Harvest Gameing App For Android

Last but not least, the Global Harvest really stands out with the mention of the in-game apps. In these word game apps one has to build their farm and run it with Emily, a character from the game. To complete the task dont they need to solve the word puzzles. It contains over 3000 levels and with each level we complete an agricultural element that helps them build the farm of their dreams. It also contains several boosts and tips to help players when stuck. This family game app is available on both Android and IOS.

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