The best Spiderman games

by Krish Karthik
The best Spiderman games

In modern popular culture, it’s hard to find a more popular superhero than Spider-Man. Originally appearing in Marvel comics, he went on to become one of the most recognizable characters in superhero movies and TV series, as well as computer games.

The best Spider-Man games released on PC since 1984 will be discussed in this collection.


An adventure game from 1984, one of the first PC games entirely dedicated to Spider-Man. This is a typical two-dimensional quest with pixels in half the screen, which is sure to be of interest to fans of classic games today. But at one point it was a very interesting and innovative game.

The Incredible Spider-Man

2D platform from Oxford Digital Enterprises, released on the computer in 1990. Spider-Man’s main enemy here is the insidious Mysterio, who kidnapped the superhero’s girlfriend. The action scene is an abandoned movie studio, converted by Mysterio into a wicked lair. This means that the Spider would have to face off against the evil robots serving Mysterio, as well as numerous death traps, cleverly hidden throughout the film studio complex.

Marvel Comics Spider-Man: The Sinister Six

An old adventure game, the gameplay of which has been enhanced with RPG elements. Spider-Man can be pumped, giving him access to new superhero abilities. Despite the fact that the game is very old (it was released in 1996), it has a nice visual style, which recreates the design of old superhero comics. The hero’s opponents are six villains at a time, drawn from the original Spider-Man universe. Another interesting feature of the game is the presence of multiple endings at once, which can serve as an incentive to replay.

Spider-Man: The Movie

An action game released in 2002 to celebrate the launch of the first Spider-Man movie. Its plot is almost identical to the plot of the film. Except maybe for a few not-so-important scenes. There is no open world and spectacular graphics familiar to modern players, and the gameplay is implemented in a rather relaxed manner. Still, the game received mostly positive reviews. It is in great demand even in our time. Especially for those with weak computers that are unable to keep up with the new Spider-Man games.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Released in 2005, Ultimate Spider-Man is a favorite among fans of the Spider-Man universe. There are several reasons for this. One of them is the presence of incredible graphics stylized like modern and bright comics. Another big reason for Ultimate Spider-Man’s success is the presence in the game of an incredible storyline based on the confrontation between Spider-Man and Venom, considered almost the superhero’s worst enemy. Admittedly, the project also has a major drawback: the game is incredibly short. It only takes 3-4 hours.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

A game about Spider-Man, who is once again forced to fight the evil Venom and save the city from the symbiotes he created. Quite a nice game in terms of graphics, with vigorous action and the presence of a medium-sized open world.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time

In this game, the spider travels through time to correct mistakes made by its counterpart from another dimension. The whole plot is very confusing and interesting. There is an open world with nice modern graphics. In addition to a large number of interesting main tasks, there are also a lot of auxiliary tasks that significantly increase the duration of the game.

Amazing Spider-Man: The Game

A game based on the updated Marvel Cinematic Universe, dedicated to the solo adventures of Spider-Man. The main advantage of the game is its independent plot, which is completely new and unique, and does not copy the individual events previously shown in the movies

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