The best music widgets for Android

by Krish Karthik
The best music widgets for Android

Widgets at their best should feel like they’ve always been a part of your home screen. They’re meshed with your wallpaper, they appear among your app icons, and the controls are easy to see and use. The problem with this idea is that, well, most music widgets suck. They’re either a hard white that covers screens, or they’re too small to easily see your music information, or they’re just ugly. Fortunately, third-party apps are here to take over and turn it into a beautiful banner of musical magic. Here are the best music widgets for Android.

Ubiquity Music Widget

Before we get into our real winners, who all use KWGT Pro for additional customization as well as a standard and stable foundation, I have something for users who don’t want to bother with a WYSIWYG widget editor: Ubiquity Music Widget. It has two fairly standard widgets, and the 4 × 1 model even offers slight customization, including letting the art album determine the color scheme. I traditionally go with Clear, but with some themes you need the extra contrast of Transparent. Ubiquity can extract more playback information and controls than your main music player, meaning a playback widget can control music, YouTube, or Netflix (while streaming) depending on what’s active.

Melodi for Kustom

Melodi for Kustom is one of the best music widgets for Android. This Widget Pack is brand new, having originally released just before the New Year, and if the initial offering is anything to go by, I’ll be using Melodi in many, many, many themes for years to come. It offers 17 widgets made from 17 Komponents completed and ready to customize, which means these widgets can be used both in KWGT, Kustom’s widget engine, or in KLWP, Kustom Live Wallpaper.

Melodi quickly won my heart on the subject. The components are diverse, inventive, and above all they have at most two parameters. Unlike most widget packs, Melodi’s components aren’t a giant folder of confusing shapes and text boxes, it’s a full-featured widget. You can customize the colors of the widget, maybe change the widget from dark to light, and that’s it, just add the widget, size to fit, and you’re done.

There are a lot of things to like, but my favorites are: Melodi_12, a square widget that takes its accent color from the album, Melodi_14, which can feel like a completely different widget when used with a color solid or completely Melodi_9 background, which uses a soft glow from the album art and progress bar to give the widget a bit of pop.

Material Music Komponent

If you’ve been following our theme packs for about a year and a half, you’ve certainly seen a Preset for our themes using Material Music Komponent to get a perfectly themed music widget that can be easily applied to your phones. Material music always has a special place in my heart. This pack contains 3 finished komponents for its widgets, and they come in three sizes: Large, Regular and Compact, and the Regular komponent is the one we used the most often.

The controls are large and easy to hit, and you can color each part of the komponent separately and easily. In short, it’s material, it’s easy to theme, and it’s free. Yes, it hasn’t been updated since 2015, but most Kustom widget packs don’t really update once finished Komponents are added.

KMusic 2 for KWGT

KMusic is a series of widget packs for KWGT that uses a wide variety of styles. Some widgets are based on popular music apps , such as Spotify, Play Music, and Apple Music, while others are completely original. KMusic’s Widget Pack isn’t made of Komponents, but rather individual layers, which means they’re more customizable if you really want to tinker with them, but it also means when you just want to color things in, get ready. you have to dig down to each item, which is not properly labeled for easy identification and editing.

KMusic has two packs, the original and the newer KMusic 2, and both have valid widgets, but KMusic 2 is a younger and smaller pack. There are free and paid versions of KMusic, and KMusic 2, being the newer, smaller and still improving pack, there is only one free version available at the moment. If you’re the kind of music listener who really, really wants to tinker with your widgets, KMusic is for you.

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