The 4 best free software for making music

by Krish Karthik
Best Free software for making music

The boredom of confinement is starting to be felt and you no longer know how to occupy your days? Perhaps an initiation into music production could be the solution

As evidenced by the many viral videos, for some, confinement rhymes with music. But how do you get started, if you don’t have an instrument nearby (or… a predisposition for musical art)? That’s the idea behind our pick of the 4 best free software to start computer music.

BANDLAB: (Windows, Mac OS, Apple, iPhone)

Band Lab software for making music online

Under its air of social network for musicians, BandLabis first and foremost a free digital audio station in the cloud. Available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, it allows you to design and share your creations without difficulty thanks to its very visual and intuitive interface. The software provides thousands of beats and loops for free to spark inspiration as well as over 200 virtual instruments ranging from drum kits to the most unlikely synthesizers. If you want to record your voice, it is possible to go directly through the recorder on your smartphone. Be careful, however, of latency problems which still do not seem to be resolved. Another advantage of BandLab is its collaborative vocation: many musicians all over the world share their creations and you will be able to collaborate with them,just find inspiration or practice.

Strong point : An inexhaustible resource for inspiration

Weak point : Some latency issues


garage band software for making music from online

GarageBand is a music creation software developed by Apple in 2004. It has become a must-have for macOS or iOS users as it is offered for free on all machines. The application allows you to easily record, mix and share your creations. It is even more accessible since its arrival on iOS because you can, for example, play the piano on your iPad or iPhone and synchronize the audio on your mac. Even free, the software is extremely complete and offers you to mix up to 32 audio tracks thanks to the integrated professional effects. However, Apple may add “smart” to all of its virtual instruments, but the sound quality may disappoint some. It remains possible, by downloading other packs of instruments, sounds and loops made available free of charge by Apple, to find happiness.

Strong point : Possibility to mix up to 32 tracks

Weak point : Virtual instruments sometimes disappointing in terms of sound

SOUNDATION (Web Browser)

soundation software for making music from online

Soundation is a complete music creation software directly in your web browser. To launch the platform, nothing could be simpler, just go to a browser equipped with Flash and access it from the Soundation site. Several offers are available and with the free one, you will have access to more than 700 loops and effects, high quality virtual instruments and up to 10 projects per month. The software offers a very attractive simplicity of navigation for beginners and beginners, while remaining versatile. Many options such as high quality export, audio import or automation, however, are only accessible with a subscription of € 1.99 per month. Limiting to 10 monthly projects can be a drag for the most inspired minds.

Strong point : Ease of use

Weak point : Quite a few basic features not included

WAVEFORM FREE (Windows, Mac Os and Linux)

Waveform free software for making music

Very complete and easy to learn, Waveform Free offers an overview of what comes closest to professional MAO software. Its interface makes the many features of the software easy to access, but does not leave too much room for customizing the size of the working windows. The iconographic buttons and controls leave no doubt about the actions, all the basic sequencing and mixing effects are present, but you can also integrate your own VST plug-ins to complete the software library. Available on Windows, macOS and Linux in a very stable way, it is a good ally to record and mix your tracks, but also to create your own sounds.

Strong points : Offers a first step into the world of professional computer music

Weak point : Interface not very customizable.

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