The 10 best cashback sites in 2021

by Krish Karthik
top 10 cashback websites 2021

What are the best cashback sites?

One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your purchases is to use cashback websites. They allow you to get back some of the money you spent.

You can make your purchases as usual on the sites of your favorite big brands, while recovering between 1% and 40% of the value of the amount.

Cashbacks exist in all areas, whether in fashion, travel, beauty, food or any other object or service.

Here are the 10 best Cashback sites in 2021 .



ebuyclub cashback
The eBuyClub site is the best choice for collecting money online. They have a wide range of brands and partner sites for all tastes. Average Cashback rates are among the highest in the industry, especially at specific stores. For example Darty and Fnac with 10% refund on the purchase price.

You will find promotions in a wide variety of areas, such as travel, sports, fashion, food, high tech products and many more. On eBuyClub, you can withdraw your money as soon as your pot has reached 10 €. The withdrawal can be made via PayPal, bank check, bank transfer or Fnac gift voucher. For its advantages, eBuyClub ranks first in the ranking of the best cashback sites.



iGraal also has very attractive cashback rates. They have been present since 2006 and offer a large choice of stores and partners. Most of the big brands are available in a wide variety of categories. We find promotions in sectors such as cultural products, motorbikes, beauty and health, but iGraal’s flagship sector is above all fashion.

Cashback rates can reach up to 40%, so almost half the purchase price. You can withdraw your money by PayPal, bank transfer or gift voucher from € 20. The site is easy to use with a pleasant and intuitive interface. In addition, iGraal offers you € 3 upon registration.



Poulpeo Cashback silver
Poulpeo is one of the Cashback sites that allows you to make the most savings. It is for this reason that it is part of the ranking of the best cashback sites in 2021. With 1,800 partner shops, Poulpeo offers a wide variety of areas: fashion, transport, beauty, high-tech, food, etc.

Poulpeo even lets you combine promo codes with Cashback offers to save even more. Withdrawal is possible as soon as you have accumulated € 10 in earnings and is mainly done by bank transfer. The registration bonus is 5 €.



Swagbucks logo cashback money
SwagBucks is a site that offers different ways to save or earn money on the internet. Besides being one of the best Cashback sites, you can also get paid by watching videos, taking surveys or surfing the web.

The withdrawal threshold on Swagbucks is € 5 (excluding sign-up bonus) and payment is usually made within a few days. You can choose to be paid by PayPal or by gift certificate (Amazon, Spotify, etc.). As soon as you register with SwagBucks, you will receive 500 points, the equivalent of € 5.



Fun-C cash back
On Fun-C, you have access to Cashback offers in nearly 2000 online stores. It is one of the best cashback sites available on the internet. Fun-C also offers other ways to earn money, such as contests or paid surveys .

Here the withdrawal is possible as soon as your pot reaches 20 €. You can choose between being paid by bank transfer, Paypal or gift voucher. The registration bonus is € 5: € 3 after your first purchase, and € 2 after your second purchase.



Prescribed Cash Back
Prescribed is another Cashback site with a good reputation and a plethora of partner stores. In addition to Cashbacks, Prescrit also offers its members discount codes, sometimes combinable with Cashbacks.

Payment is made from € 20 and in 60 days. You can choose between bank transfer and Paypal. Upon registration, you also receive € 5.



Fabuleos cashback
With 1,500 partner sites, Fabuleos offers less choice than its competitors, but the main stores are present. You will also find promo codes and discounts, which can sometimes be combined with Cashbacks offers.

Here you can withdraw your money by bank transfer as soon as you have reached € 20. Fabuleos also offers € 3 directly upon registration.



Flouzy cashback
Little new in the world of Cashback, Flouzy was launched in 2016, but already offers a large number of partners. The site is already one of the best cashback sites in France.

Flouzy stands out in particular by its particularly low payment threshold, barely 1 cent. As for the method of payment, you have the choice between bank transfer, bank check, and gift voucher.



Shoop Cash Back
With Shoop, you can take advantage of Cashbacks in nearly 1,500 partner stores. It won ninth place in our comparison of the best Cashback sites in 2021.

You must have a minimum of € 10 (excluding registration bonus) to be able to make a withdrawal. Payment is made by bank transfer or with Paypal. You also receive € 10 as soon as you register on Shoop.



EliraCash Cashback
Please note: EliraCash has closed permanently since 12/31.

EliraCash is a Cashback site specializing in travel, whether hotel, rental or transport. All the biggest brands and sites are present, such as, EasyJet, LastMinute or SNCF.

It is possible to recover your money by bank transfer as long as you have accumulated 20 €. EliraCash offers you a € 4 Bonus upon registration. It’s the perfect Cashback site for frequent travelers or people who often work on the go.

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