Pinterest shares new information for brands on how pinners are preparing for winter

by Krish Karthik

With the cold winter months approaching, the Pinners have turned to the platform to discover new ideas to inspire them as they prepare for the season.

To help businesses develop impactful winter season content, Pinterest has identified key themes with useful information to help brands reach consumers as they plan to shop for the colder months ahead.

When it comes to excelling with an edgy winter wardrobe, the Pinners are thinking about ways to stand out. Pinterest saw an increase in searches for “long sleeve dress” by 45%, “cold weather outfits” by 35% and “winter capsule wardrobe” by 75%, as examples.

For housewares, Pinterest identified that Australians seek a comfortable and comfortable life, with a 90% increase in searches for “comfortable bedroom”, “comfortable home” by 95% and “cozy living room decor” by 170%.

On top of that, being minimalist is still the trend for the home, with searches for “minimalist kitchen” increasing 100% and “minimalist home interior” increasing 45%.

Find out what your audience wants

The Audience Insights tool (accessible with a company profile) helps companies find out what their audience is looking for and recording.They will also be able to find data on the audience’s age, gender, location and device usage to help them decide which products to showcase with their content.

Start early

Since winter shoppers primarily use Pinterest to discover new ideas, it’s important to share related content on Pinterest earlier than on other platforms.Businesses can reach people when they start planning and before they choose a brand or product, so they’re more likely to come back to their minds when they’re ready to make a purchase.Typically, seasonal content should be shared on Pinterest two to three months before the event.

Seasonal content

Businesses can make their Pins more relevant by offering seasonal content or showing how your product fits into a buyer’s daily life during the winter season. Here is an example of a large seasonal pin.

Create vertical pins

When creating their winter creative content, businesses should keep mobile in mind and match the font size to the rendering of the phone to ensure the pin is readable on small screens.The ideal dimension is 1000 pixels x 1500 pixels or 2: 3 aspect ratio.

Use text overlays

Fact: Pins that include descriptive text on an image tend to see a 6% increase in sales compared to Pins that just contain a standard image. * Using text overlay this season will make it easier for pinners to understand the unique characteristics of a product.Adding headers, sub-headers, and annotations, or taking a creative approach to fonts and images will make Pins more interesting. It is important to keep the text clear, concise and to the point.

Make pins useful and informative

Want a sure-fire way to get brands and products to see immediate results? Present informative creative content. The pictures on a pin should help people understand why a product or brand is right for them.

Stay consistent

Pinterest has found that consistency improves performance: Pins that go to landing pages with similar images tend to increase online sales by 13%.Businesses need to make sure that when people go to their page after clicking a Pin on Pinterest, the website look and feel matches that of their Pins.Pinterest provides a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to inspire buyers at the right time. This winter information shows that Pinterest users are looking for inspiration to anticipate the coming season with the right trends, which is an opportunity for businesses to adjust to more relevant purchases.Pinterest recently launched Idea Pins and expanded its Shopify partnership to drive social commerce globally.

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