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by Krish Karthik
Modders working on Fallout Van Buren Remake via Fallout

modders are working on a remake of Fallout 2’s deleted successor Van Buren. For this, modders use the game Fallout: New Vegas. The manufacturers are currently working on a demo for the mod, it’s unclear when it should be released.

From the makers want to stay true to the original Van Buren storyline with the Revelation Blue mod. Players start at Tibbets Prison, a prison in the US state of Arizona. The game will be set in the Midwest Commonwealth, feature four US states, and be set in 2253; 28 years before Fallout: New Vegas.

The remake will ignore the events of New Vegas as canon, as both games have many characters, factions, story elements, and lore to share with each other. Presumably, modders mean by this that the story elements of the two games don’t match, so Van Buren shouldn’t be seen as a prequel. After the remake is released, modders want to work on dlcs like new weapons, locations, and factions.

The mod was announced via Nexus Mods , but after a PC Gamer article that mentioned a playable demo, the ad was taken offline. The makers point out that they are still working on the remake; once the demo is ready, they will publish it.

Originally, the remake was simply called Fallout Van Buren Remake, but the rights to the Van Buren brand are now in the hands of developer inXile Entertainment. This is why the name has been changed to Revelation Blue.

Although Van Buren never appeared, elements of the story have already been announced. For example, the game begins in a prison from which the player must escape and a conflict between the Brotherhood of Steel and the New California Republic is central. A definitive name for the game has never been disclosed; Van Buren was the code name developer Black Isle Studios gave to the game. This company went bankrupt in 2003, halting development of the game. Former employees of this developer then founded Obsidian Entertainment, which released Fallout: New. Vegas in 2010.

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