IPad Pro M1’s iFixit teardown reveals mini XDR Display LEDs inside

by Krish Karthik
IPad Pro M1's iFixit teardown reveals mini XDR Display LEDs inside

Confirming months of rumors and speculation, Apple has finally released a new iPad Pro with two pretty significant changes. Its switch to an Apple M1 chip blurs the lines between iPad Pro and MacBooks even more, but it’s really the switch to a Mini LED screen that some people talk about. All is not for the best, however, as some do not seem to be convinced of the end results of the more expensive technology. From a purely technical standpoint, however, the initial assessment of iFixit’s teardown of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro M1 turns out to be at least more interesting.

Regarding the backlight, the mini LED screen which bears the trade name “XDR Display” is very important. It still uses LCD screens on top, so it still lacks a few advantages over OLED technology. That said, compared to the backlight Apple previously used on iPads, the Mini LED display is a huge upgrade.

iFixit is giving a tech refresher course and in a nutshell, the panel now uses thousands of those mini LEDs behind the screen to provide illumination. However, more than just intense brightness, it also means that each of these mini LEDs can be individually controlled to sync with what is displayed on the screen at the top.

While the tech might be cool, the teardown process hasn’t changed in any way. Technicians and service providers should always use warmth, coaxing and patience to remove the screen, which is also a risky process. This process, unfortunately, is the necessary first step in repairing or replacing anything inside.

iFixit also notes that very few components have changed inside the iPad Pro M1, at least other than the expected 5G antenna, M1 chip, and new wide-angle front camera. DIY repair experts have yet to post their full teardown guide and rating, but, at least from these early reviews, it won’t be all that impressive.

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