How to use a club house? Step by step guide

by Krish Karthik
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That’s it, you’ve got your famous invitation to join the Clubhouse audio app – or you want to be ready to use it when you finally get it – here’s a guide on how to set up your account, track audio conversations, or launch your own chat room.

How to personalize your Clubhouse profile?

When you have been sponsored, you will receive an SMS from Clubhouse which will notify you that your account is now operational. To activate it, you must open this message and click on the link provided. You will come across a confirmation window. If you already have a Twitter account, Clubhouse will suggest that you import your information to expand your profile. It is much more convenient. But you can also do it manually.

The next step is to enter your “real” name and surname. Indeed, the social network appreciates that its users provide their real identity but not a pseudonym. When it’s done, give your username or “username”. Bet on simplicity. Specific characters are not accepted.

Find out how to customize your profile below.

Profile picture and biography

Just like your first name, your profile picture is an element that will differentiate you. It’s also a part that Clubhouse users see first. Not displaying a photo or showing other images (landscape for example) is possible but it will not be credible, especially if you hope to go on stage. A full-length photo is also not quite suitable. The ideal is to display your face while making a good impression.

By default, the app can use the avatar from your Twitter account. But you can add another photo. To make your profile picture more attractive, the tool provides you with the Clubhouse Glow function. The latter allows you to add a color frame to your image. Now you are free to change avatars according to your mood.

Now that the profile photo is uploaded, you are prompted to fill out your bio. You have a large space. However, remember that the application only displays the first three lines of your description when another user views your photo from another room. This is also the case when you are listed as a suggestion. That is why it is advisable to start the biography with the most important information (a company that you have founded for example). Usually, people list their accomplishments and projects.

Connect your Twitter and Instagram account

Connecting Clubhouse to Instagram and Twitter will increase your visibility. But for now, the social network does not have a dedicated feature for this purpose. On the other hand, you can put the links to your other social accounts. Go to your profile to do so. There you will find the Instagram logo with the words “Add Instagram”. So you just have to click on it. Same procedure for Twitter.

Add interests and search for contacts on Clubhouse

When you are new to Clubhouse, you will have to select your interests from among many suggestions (real estate, entrepreneurship, yoga, meditation, manga,….). This will allow you to better plan your timeline. Then, the social network will offer you profiles corresponding to your choices.

To find someone on Clubhouse, use the “Member Search” feature by specifying the person’s name. At the moment, the app does not allow you to mark your profile as private. So anyone can find your account with this search function.

How to join a club?

The most interesting part of Clubhouse happens in the “Rooms” or audio chat rooms. In your main feed, you will find the active discussion boards. So, to join a club, simply tap on the room that interests you. With the “Explore” button in the last recommended room, you can always browse other chat rooms to find the room that suits you best.

In a room, there are three main roles including the speaker, the participant and the moderator. Usually a room has several moderators. The latter’s mission is to allow users to express themselves, to mute the microphone or to close the room. Once you have entered a room, you can invite a friend to join the forum by tapping the “more” button. To speak, wave to the moderator by tapping on the hand icon at the bottom right. The green bar at the top of your screen marks you can take the stage. To express yourself, tap the “microphone” symbol at the bottom right.

How do I send Clubhouse invitations?

Following your registration on Clubhouse, you will receive two invitations. The recipients must be part of your contact book. This is why it is important to associate your phone number with the application. Once the configuration is done, you have to choose the contacts to whom you want to send an invitation.

Be careful with the choice of who you sponsor. Indeed, in the event of misconduct of the latter on the platform, you can suffer the consequences. In the worst case, you will be banned from the social network.

How to start your own Clubhouse chat room?

As a Clubhouse user, you have the option of creating your own chat room. To start your chat room, click on “Start a room”. Give your room a title and invite people.

If you are new to the app, getting followers is a bit tricky. This is why it is advisable to increase your number of followers first. To do this, it is recommended to participate in several discussion forums. By expressing yourself frequently, you gain popularity. And people start to follow you. With around 100, 150 or even 200 friends, you can easily create your room and invite your friends to join you.

With this information, you are now ready to use Clubhouse and take full advantage of this new application.

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