How to move your WhatsApp chats to Telegram on Android and iOS

by Krish Karthik

Telegram has now introduced a new feature for people who want to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram. With the latest update, it now allows you to easily move your chat history from WhatsApp to Telegram account. In addition, you can also import chats from Line and KakaoTalk. In this article, let’s see how you can move your WhatsApp chats to Telegram .

Move your WhatsApp chats to Telegram

Due to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, people have switched to messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. However, the biggest problem they encountered was the migration of the existing group and contact chats. With the latest update, Telegram fixed the same by allowing users to import their chat history from WhatsApp.

On android

Step1: Launch WhatsApp on your Android phone.

Step2: Open the chat and click on the three dot menu in the upper right corner.

Step4: Tap Include Media if you want to add pictures, videos and other files.
In the share sheet, tap Telegram .

Step5: Now select the Telegram chat or the contact where you want to copy your WhatsApp chats.

On ios

The steps to transfer WhatsApp chats to Telegram on iOS are more or less similar to Android as follows.

Step1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step2: Head to the chat and click on the contact or group name at the top to open the Group / Contact Info screen .

Step3: Click on Export chat.

Step4: Now select Telegram and click Import when prompted.

That’s it. Within seconds, your chats will be copied from WhatsApp to Telegram. The messages will be imported into the current day, but will also include their original WhatsApp timestamps. Other members of the Telegram chat will also be able to see all the copied messages.

Note that Telegram does not automatically map the contact number of the other user. So, once you click Export Chat and open Telegram, make sure you select the correct user. If not done carefully, you may end up copying chats with one person on WhatsApp to another contact on Telegram, exposing your chats and media to others.

What’s new in this Telegram update?

Step1: Delete messages from both sides without leaving a trace. It even works to remove groups for everyone.

Step2: Adjust the volume of each participant in a voice conversation. Adjustments made by group admins are applied to everyone.

Step3: An improved audio player with fast forward, rewind, fade effect, etc.

Step4: New greeting stickers to greet new contacts on Telegram

Step5: More refined animations on Android.

Step6: Possibility to report false channels and groups.

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