How to make money with Instagram?

by Krish Karthik

Monetizing your Instagram account is quite possible. You just need to know the tips and tricks that can help you have a profitable page. There are many influencers who only have Instagram as a source of income but who make a very good living. You can do the same if you implement the right actions. Whether you already have a certain audience or are looking to get more Instagram followers to make money , here are some practices that can help you reach your goal faster.

Have at least 5000 subscribers on Instagram

To make money with Instagram , it is important that you have a minimum of 5,000 followers on this social network. The bigger your Instagram audience, the easier it will be to monetize your page . From 5,000 subscribers, you are already considered a nano-influencer . You will therefore be more credible in your desire for monetization. It is clear that with 500 or 1000 subscribers, it will be quite complicated for you to generate earnings on Instagram. Remember one thing that the most important thing is that your number of likes on your new posts should be consistent with your number of followers.

increase your number of followers for make money

Indeed, the importance of having a large community on this network lies in the fact that it is made up of consumers. You can therefore rely on them to sell services or products and thus earn income from your account. If you are new to Instagram or don’t have the patience to wait for your community to grow naturally, you will be able to buy Instagram followers . He

This is a recurring practice that allows you to create your community quickly without depending on the moods of the algorithm.

Once you have built your community either by buying likes or followers that you can test for free thanks to the following offer : free instagram followers . That is to say, create quality content that will interest him. This is how you can grab people’s attention and earn money on Instagram . For example, you can create fashion, travel, lifestyle, fitness content, etc. These are the most popular themes on Instagram. By specializing in these niches, you will be able to drain people from your account more easily and achieve monetization.

Make sponsored posts to make money on Instagram

Unlike social networks such as Youtube or Tiktok, Instagram does not directly remunerate content creators. If you want to monetize your Instagram account , you will therefore have to create your own business on this network. Hence the need for point 1: have a large audience or buy Instagram followers to be more plausible. As soon as you have a certain number of subscribers, you will be able to be contacted to make sponsored posts for businesses. That is to say, make collaborations with brands.

earn money posting sponsored photos

This widespread practice consists of promoting the brand and / or its content to your audience. You advertise it through your account. The goal of these brands is to reach your community, which is a sales target for them.

Brands can pay you in kind: product offerings, free travel, the ability to attend events, etc. The remuneration can also be based on your price list that you have taken care to communicate to them. The bigger your community, the more chance you’ll have to be contacted by brands. Having a lot of Instagram followers is therefore a must-have to hope to monetize your account.

Become a seller on Instagram

Here is a simple and obvious solution to make money on Instagram . On this network, you have the possibility of selling an infinite number of products and services. It can be fashion, beauty, books, electronic gadgets, etc. Instagram is now a real market where you can get customers and make money . But like all the solutions that were mentioned above, you will first need to have a lot of followers to put it in place. Indeed, it is not enough to simply publish the photos of your products to hope to generate income. People still need to be able to see what you’re posting.

sell on Instagram

Many tips allow you to generate a maximum of sales via Instagram . You can sponsor your posts for example.

This is about using Instagram’s advertising tools to boost your publications. This will allow you to reach more potential buyers. Another option is to buy followers on secure sites in order to have a potential customer base, especially at the start of your activity.

In addition, if you already have an online store, do not hesitate to share the link of it in the biography of your Instagram account. So your subscribers and people

who consult your page will be able to see and visit it. This is a great way to drive traffic to your e-commerce site and make money from Instagram .

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