How to make a YouTube intro on your phone: 5 useful apps

by Krish Karthik
How to make a YouTube intro on your phone 5 useful apps

In this article, we’ll go over the elements of great YouTube intros, along with the best mobile apps to create them.

It’s rare to find a YouTube channel without an intro, or at least some type of branding. It introduces you to an audience and what you have to offer. Many creators make their YouTube intros with video editing software on their computers, but with the growing popularity of phone editing apps, we think it’s time to show you how to do it on your mobile device.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to make a great YouTube intro, as well as some of the best mobile apps you can use to create one.

The most important elements of a good YouTube intro

Before we dive into the creative part, we need to establish the building blocks of a good YouTube intro. Let’s take a quick look at what they are.

Highlight your name and logo

Make sure people can clearly see your channel name. We recommend that you create a logo for your introduction. This will connect your brand to your content and make it easier for viewers to remember you. You can also include slogans and other social media usernames.

Find your theme

Needless to say, an aesthetic intro is essential. There is an endless amount of themes and editing styles that you can use. The key is to make it easily digestible for viewers, while still being eye-catching and unique to your brand.

Not only should an intro be visually appealing, but also audible. Visit these sites to find royalty free music .

Let viewers know what to expect

If you are making cooking videos, you can include clips or images of your dishes and cooking vlogs in the intro. Or maybe create an animation of cooking food. Either way, every new viewer should have an idea of ​​what to expect in the video they’re about to watch.

Be brief

A long intro is more likely to get viewers to click – no one wants to sit and wait for you to get to the point. Keep the length of your introduction just long enough to clearly convey your brand, but short enough that people don’t get bored or bored.

How to do a YouTube intro on your phone

Now that you know the key elements of a good YouTube intro, we’re going to go over the best apps for creating an intro and how to use them.


VideoLeap is a must have video editing app for everyone, not just YouTubers. It combines simplicity with awesome features that can completely transform your videos. There are all the standard editing tools like trim, color and lighting levels, canvas format options, and speed adjustment. And it uses layer-based editing.

What makes VideoLeap powerful is its keyframe feature (the diamond shaped icon at the bottom right). This gives you more control over your edits, as it allows you to adjust the intensity of the effects while the video is playing. For example, if you want to fade in your video, you can place keyframes at the exact points where you want the fade to start and end.

It also includes animation editing, coloring filters, effects, stickers, text, overlays and audio editing tools. These are the features you will rely on the most to edit your intro. All of them can be adjusted with keyframes.

InShot – Video Editor & Video Editing

InShot Video Editor Video Editing

InShot is an ideal editing application to finish a project. It doesn’t offer a lot of fancy effects, but it does have all the standard video and audio editing tools. Navigation is also made very simple and convenient.

So if you have a bunch of clips that you’ve edited elsewhere with effects, import them into InShot, along with your audio, to put everything together. It allows you to export in 1080p at 60fps.

Video star

Video star make a YouTube intro on your phone 5 useful apps

Video Star is by far the most comprehensive phone editing app on the market. It has a seemingly endless amount of features and effects that can produce results similar to professional editing software.

The 3D editing feature is one of our favorites, and it’s a great way to create a logo with dynamic movement. You can also take full advantage of the green screen and the masking functions to create something unique and creative.

Video Star has some of the more complex audio editing tools compared to other video editing apps. This means that you can really customize the audio you use for your intro.

We recommend using this app if you already have a basic understanding of video editing, otherwise it might get too overwhelming.


PicsArt YouTube intro on your phone 5 useful apps

PicsArt doubles as a photo and video editing app. We’re going to focus on its photo editing features as it doesn’t offer much beyond standard video editing tools.

To get started, you can create green screens to import into Video Star afterwards. The Sticker function offers a wide range of elements to be placed on a green background. You can also create PNG files with the Draw or Cutout tool which you can import into any of the editing apps mentioned above.

PicsArt has an unmatched amount of filters and effects that you can use on your photos. You can even create your own overlays to place on your videos.

Portrait in motion

Portrait in motion YouTube intro on your phone 5 useful apps

You’ve probably seen those YouTube intros that have animated avatars – they’re pretty easy to create with MotionPortrait.

First, edit your photo with PicsArt. Cutting out the person and placing the cutout on a colored background works best for this. Use the effects to get a cartoon-like visual. You can place the image in any shape or color.

Then import the image into MotionPortrait, select the points of the face, record a video for the movement and save it to your files. You now have an animated avatar clip that you can incorporate into your intro.

Create an eye-catching YouTube intro on your phone

You don’t need to go through the hassle of downloading and learning complicated computer software to modify. Creating a YouTube intro on your phone is easier, faster and a lot more convenient. Try these apps and see for yourself.

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