How to know where to get a where to get a COVID-19

by Krish Karthik
How to know where to get a COVID-19 vaccine using Alexa

Although recent eligibility changes have expanded to include children over the age of 12, some people are still unsure of where to go for their COVID-19 vaccine.

But there is good news. Amazon recently added a feature to Alexa that will help users book their date. We’ll show you how to use Amazon’s smart assistant to protect yourself from COVID-19 .

With so many people getting vaccinated, do I still need a vaccine?

CNN recently reported that the United States had reached a cap of 60% for vaccinations for over 18 years. Unfortunately, this figure is not quite sufficient to achieve the so-called “collective immunity”. To reach that precipice, people still have to do their part and get vaccinated.

In recent news reports, you may also have heard that many states are returning to normal this summer. While the CDC is indeed lifting mask guidelines for people who have been vaccinated, unvaccinated people are still being asked to mask themselves in many places.

If you hate wearing a mask, there is no excuse not to get the vaccine. That’s unless you can’t find a place to do it. If you’re one of those people but have an Amazon Echo device at home, it’s easy to use Alexa to help you find a date.

How do I use Amazon Alexa to find a COVID vaccine near me?

The only question you need to ask Alexa is, “Alexa, where can I get the COVID vaccine?” When you ask this question, Alexa will search to find the closest locations with open appointments.

Alexa will also send a link to the nearest location to make an appointment if you have a smartphone with Alexa notifications enabled using the Android or iOS app .

Additionally, you can add a location if you want Alexa to search in a specific location. Just ask something like, “Alexa, where can I get a COVID vaccine in Erie, PA?” You will then get a list of suppliers for that area.

Alexa recognizes over 85 countries and can also give you information about the vaccine and COVID-19. Amazon’s smart assistant can even help you find a test center if you think you’ve been exposed.

Protect yourself and others

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is easier than ever with the added support of Amazon Alexa. If you haven’t taken your photo yet, you can benefit from using this tool to plan today.

There is no time like now to help end this pandemic and keep everyone safe, including yourself.

And Amazon isn’t the only tech company making it easy for you to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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