How to fix YouTube audio issues in Windows 10

by Krish Karthik
how fix YouTube audio issues in Windows 10

In this guide, we are going to tell you how to fix YouTube audio issues in Windows 10. When you can’t hear anything from your YouTube videos – whether it’s nothing at all or what was once loud is now way too low – the last thing to do is to turn up the volume on your Windows PC. Of course, this could be a temporary fix, but it means everything else in your system will be very noisy as well. And it’s a lot of top to bottom, top to bottom, top to bottom with your volume controls every time you watch a YouTube video, especially since you can avoid the practice with a bit of troubleshooting.

How to fix YouTube audio issues in Windows 10

There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will fix all YouTube audio issues on your desktop, but there are a number of simple tips you can try to get your audio levels back to where they should be.

First of all. Open your video in a different browser or in incognito / private / whatever mode in the same browser. Are you still having audio issues? If so, it could be an operating system issue. Otherwise, it could be an issue unique to your original browser. This does not solve your problem on its own, but it helps reduce it.

Now for troubleshooting. First of all, try to right click on the tab itself. Did you accidentally cut it? If so, re-enable it. Here it is .

Next, check your extensions. Are you using any YouTube specific extensions (like my favorite, Enhancer for YouTube ) that might be causing volume issue? If so, open your Extensions Manager (by right-clicking on said extension’s icon and going to Manage Extensions) and try disabling it. If this fixes your problem, either the extension is bugged or a setting of it is causing your audio issue. Find or consider upgrading to any of the 74193 other YouTube related extensions.

You can even try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser, if available, to see if that fixes your sound issue. And it almost goes without saying, but make sure you’ve updated your web browser to the latest and greatest. It might not solve your problems with YouTube, but it never hurts to tinker with and troubleshoot while using the very latest software you can get. Maybe is a bug that an update later crashed.

However, your issues with YouTube can also extend beyond your browser. A common issue is that your browser has been accidentally disabled or disabled in Windows 10’s Sound Mixer, which can be accessed by right-clicking your volume controls in the lower right corner and selecting Open Volume Mixer .

How to fix YouTube audio issues in Windows 10

If your browser volume is less than the overall volume of your device, you will want to fix this problem. You can either drag the sliders up or try this technique: Right click on the volume icon again, select Open sound settings and scroll a bit until you can click the volume of the application and the preferences of the device . This will display the following screen:

How to fix YouTube audio issues in Windows 10

Scroll down until you see a reset button in the lower left corner. Click on it to restore all the volumes of your applications to their maximum default values. (Keep in mind that this is a maximum of your overall system volume; you are not going to suddenly blow your ears using your various applications until your system volume is turned up.)

If that doesn’t work, or if you don’t even see your browser listed in your audio settings, try going back to the main Windows 10 audio settings (where you were before clicking on app volume and preferences. device) . This time, click on Device Properties in the Output section , click on the Additional Device Properties link in the right sidebar, and click on the Advanced tab in the window that appears. Make sure “Allow apps to take exclusive control of this device” is unchecked.

How to fix YouTube audio issues in Windows 10

You can also check any audio apps that your desktop or laptop is using – third-party stuff like Realtek Audio Console, for example – as well as Windows 10’s sound control panel to confirm that your system is set up correctly. with the right number of speakers. You may experience audio issues if, for example, your desktop or laptop computer defaults to 7.1 audio when you actually only have two stereo speakers.

How to fix YouTube audio issues in Windows 10

You can also try resetting the audio options to their default value in all audio applications used by your PC. Do that, restart your system and see if your YouTube issues are resolved. If not, consider reinstalling (or updating) any audio drivers used by your system, which you can find on your system manufacturer’s website (or your motherboard / sound card manufacturer, depending on your configuration).

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