How to do a live on Instagram?

by Krish Karthik

The live format Instagram allows brands and the content creators to communicate directly with their community. Designed to facilitate the distribution of videos in real time, the Instagram live tool helps strengthen interactions with your subscribers. It is also an effective way to easily bond with them and create familiarities. Indeed, as a brand, you have the possibility of making a live instagram in order to respond to the concerns of your audience. This format can also be useful to present your new products / services or to share live an event that you organize or in which you participate. You will understand, thelive instagram is an added value for your brand communication on social networks. How to do a live instagram ? But above all, how to succeed? All the answers to your questions in this detailed guide.

A good quality internet connection:

To make good quality live video that will hook your Instagram followers , the first thing you need to make sure is to have a good internet connection. This will allow you to guarantee the good quality of your streaming. If your internet connection is unstable, communication between you and your subscribers will not be smooth. You risk having a lot of cuts, which could make your video unpleasant and without impact.

Moreover, your Instagram subscribers risk leaving the live if there are too many interruptions related to a bad internet connection. Before starting your live video, therefore, seek to acquire permanent broadband connectivity.

What are the steps to follow to launch a live instagram?

Making a live instagram is very easy. First of all, know that the maximum time that a live on Instagram can last is one hour. Take this into account to end your video at the right time. Another thing to know is that as soon as you start your live, your subscribers will receive a notification informing them that you are live. They will be able to reach you if they wish.

Here’s how to create a live instagram:

Step1: Log in to your instagram account or that of your brand.

Step2: From your page, click on your profile icon or your Instagram story (you will see a + sign there if your story is empty).

Step3: If you have already made stories, you will not see the little + displayed which will allow you to open your camera: in this case, you must go to your instagram news feed and slide your screen to right to open your camera.

Step4: Once the camera is open, the Story option will be highlighted: to launch your live instagram , simply scroll through the options offered. You should see “Live” appear. This is the option that must be chosen to launch the live instagram .

Step5: Before starting the live, click on the small circle icon at the top right: this will take you to the controls that will allow you to choose the people who can watch your instagram live , to decide how you want the live is recorded, etc.

Step6: You can choose to use a filter during your live by dragging the small icons located just next to the Live button .

Step7: As soon as you are ready to record, click on the Live button .

Step8: While waiting for your other subscribers to massively join your live, you can put on some music, make customary greetings or introduce yourself.

Step9: Please note that your Instagram followers may send you comments during the live. To avoid receiving an insulting Instagram comment, it is quite possible to filter. Here’s how to block an offensive Instagram comment :

  • Open the Instagram settings tab.
  • Activate the Hide insulting comments button: you can also activate the Manual filter to prevent comments that contain specific keywords from appearing.

Step10: When you have finished streaming, press End to exit Instagram Live mode . If you want to record the live in your phone or share it in your story, all you have to do is click on the recording icon that will appear at the top left.

Step11: You should know that Instagram does not save your live videos. If you don’t want to lose your live, your best bet is to save it on your phone. You can find it later and share it again either on your news feed, on IGTV or in your story.

Some tips for a successful live instagram

If this is the first time you want to do a live Instagram, we suggest that you do the first try from a test account. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the tool before D-Day.

Notify your subscribers in advance

Doing a live instagram is good but what is even better is that your subscribers participate in it massively. To make sure you get a big audience, let your community know when and when you plan to do your live. Also specify the theme. On Instagram, users are more likely to participate in a live if the topic interests them.

Do not hesitate to ask your subscribers the topic they want you to address. You can do an instagram poll to get their preferences on the theme but also on the day and time when they will have the time to follow your live instagram . Taking into account the opinion of your audience will allow you to make a live that is relevant to them and in which they will be more inclined to participate.

Choose a good background sound

Important element for a successful direct Instagram : the sound! Because you are going to be talking to your Instagram followers live , you will need to make sure that they can hear you.

Remember to do your live in a quiet and well-lit place to ensure a certain quality of images and to be heard at the same time. Avoid places that are too noisy, poorly lit and settings that can lower the quality of your live instagram.

Get a smartphone with a good quality camera

The quality of your live is decisive if you want to hold the attention of your Instagram followers . The use of a smartphone that has an excellent camera quality is therefore essential.

In addition, it should be noted that even if Instagram is available in a web version, it is not yet possible to do a live Instagram on PC . You will therefore necessarily need an Android smartphone or an iPhone to have access to the Live functionality. Also, your Instagram followers will not be able to see your live from a Mac or Windows. Whether it is to do or watch a live, the live Instagram pc is not valid.

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