How to change display resolution on Apple TV

by Krish Karthik
How to change display resolution on Apple TV

When you connect Apple TV to any display, it tries to detect and automatically choose the correct resolution. If this fails, you might be stuck with less than ideal image quality. Here’s how to quickly change the display screen resolution of your Apple TV.

apple tv installation and changing resolution

The first thing to do is to check the optimal resolution of your screen. This will usually be mentioned in the product listing on the screen manufacturer’s website. If it’s not there, it will be mentioned on the box the screen was shipped with. In some cases, once you connect it, the screen will show an on-screen dialog with the correct resolution.

apple tv installation and changing resolution

Step1: Once you’ve determined the correct display resolution, open the “Settings” app on your Apple TV.

changing audio and video resolution in apple tv

Step2: Then select “Video and audio”.

enable and changing apple tv resolution

Step3: Navigate to the “Format” option.

formatting apple tv resolution and changin tv

Step4: This page shows some standard display resolutions like 4K HDR 50Hz, 1080p SDR 60Hz, etc. Here you can select your screen resolution.

format all other resolution in apple tv

Step5: The only problem is that these are not exact values ​​and may not match the recommended resolution for your screen. To get it, scroll down and select “Other formats”.

finally you can change all resolution format

Step6: This is where you will see exact display resolution values ​​such as 2560 × 1080 HDR 60Hz, as well as other resolutions not mentioned on the previous screen. Select the correct display resolution here.

Step7: If Apple TV manages to switch to the correct resolution, it will display a message stating that it has successfully changed the resolution. Choose “OK“.

That’s all you need to do here. If switching to a different resolution fails, you might see a black screen for several seconds and your screen might even turn off on its own. Press the Menu button on your Apple TV remote to revert to the original resolution, then you can try changing it to a compatible resolution again.

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