Design maker a promising alternative to Canva

by Krish Karthik
Design maker a promising alternative to Canva

If you are looking for an alternative to Canva, here is Designmaker from, a very handy platform for creating custom posters or banners for your social media. The tool offers multiple features as well as thousands of templates to modify directly on your browser without the need for external software, content creation is automated and powered by AI which facilitates the generation of the resources to be used.

User can edit texts and content of design templates (

With its intuitive interface, Designmaker presents thousands of design templates displayed under multiple categories. The user can locate the templates put in for example according to the field of activity, the display formats, the types of design and so on. He can also modify the texts, fonts, sizes, and change the background images as he sees fit,

What types of templates does Designmaker have?

From thumbnails for Youtube to professional business cards, the tool is full of impressive templates for its web marketing, the user will find more than 20,000 designs that he can modify and handle according to his taste.

We can therefore find models for:

  • Social media : Templates for cover photos, stories, advertisements for Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.
  • Others : Event tickets, concert posters, menus, business cards, webinars, email headers… and lots of other content.

In order to facilitate the creation of this type of content, Designmaker provides its users with various practical tools that you will undoubtedly like to discover, here are some of them:

What is the Wizard?

The Wizard or the AI ​​assistant allows you to generate multiple variations from a chosen design, it can be found on the menu on the left of the interface. By clicking on it, the user must first of all choose a model format (Product Listing, Instagram post, business card etc.), he will then have an information field to fill in, by importing his logo or its media, the tool will thus generate several choices of posters, the user can select the one that suits him to make the necessary modifications on the main editor.

Unlimited content for his creations:

Some modifications made from a template available on Designmaker (

The user has a library containing millions of photos from the 123rf image bank (+180 million), they are available from a mini search engine that will generate photos or graphics from one or more keywords inserted.

The tool also has more than 1000 vector illustrations to find on the left bar, classified under several categories or themes. They are also found in the Graphicmaker tool available for free on the site to download graphics in Svg or PNG without spending a penny.

The brand kit:

The brand kit tool on Designmaker (

In order to generate content adapted to your brand, the Brand Kit tool will draw among combinations of fonts and colors to match the style of your brand. The user can also insert their own fonts, colors and logos in order to automatically apply them to their content and save a lot of time.

Magic resizing:

Example of a webinar poster in multiple formats (

No need to start all over again to adapt your posters according to the format recommended for each type of publication on social networks, there is for that the Magic Resize of Designmaker which will automate the resizing of your design according to the formats required for your publications. , stories, highlights, cover photos and many other types of posts on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. This is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the tool to save you a lot of time.

The models

Example of mockups on Designmaker (

The user has a hundred models that he can use to highlight his products and his brand, a simple search on the Mockups tool is enough to choose the model that he likes to add his brand and make the necessary edits. to strengthen its commercial communication.

Designmaker is recommended because it has the following advantages:

  • Works online directly on the browser.
  • Content library with thousands of ready-to-use designs.
    *+ 180M images from the image bank
  • Combinations of fonts and colors are available.
  • Hundreds of models are available.
  • Several publication formats and sizes are available.
  • Automatic saving of projects.
  • All content is covered under license.
  • Fast and easy to use

Designmaker’s weak points:

  • Limited number of templates.
  • Not yet available in multilingual version.
  • Limited number of photos for free use.
  • Access via subscription only (on the entire suite)

Apart from these few caveats, Designmaker even managed to be part of the list of new online tools that can potentially replace Canva in order to further democratize graphic design, the type of software ideal for all types of web communication and marketing campaigns. Whether you are a web editor or copywriter, community manager or communications officer, this kind of platform will undoubtedly help you in your content creation process.

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