Clubhouse on Android continues to grow and features are on the way

by Krish Karthik

After being limited to iOS for several months, the Clubhouse came to Android and I took it by storm. With each passing week there are many more users, which predicts the same success as before.

Although it is still very long in iOS numbers, it is still hitting milestones and conquering new numbers. So, and from what they’ve revealed now, the Clubhouse on Android just keeps growing and new features are on the way.

An important arrival in the Android universe

The entry of the Clubhouse on the Internet was carried out in a very careful manner. The choice fell on iOS, where limited access was added via an invitation system, to develop in a progressive and controlled manner.

Months later came the expected decision to approach Android, where they also appeared in a timid and gradual manner. The idea was to maintain the same progression and secure new users in a gradual and controlled manner. The most recent data shows that they are succeeding.

Impressive growth figures

A recent article on the Clubhouse Twitter account showed the latest data for the Android version. Just 1 week after hitting the 1 million user goal, they managed to double that value and hit the excellent 2 million user goal.

With this value comes a new goal area for the Android version of the Clubhouse. The idea for the next versions is to bring the functionalities between the 2 existing versions closer together and thus ensure greater uniformity for the users.

Lots of news on the way to the Clubhouse

Having no planned launch date, the Clubhouse indicates its arrival for the summer. He warned that this news will not have high visibility and will focus primarily on discovery and alerts.

While some give The Clubhouse as being decaying , the truth is, these Android numbers seem to show the opposite. In just a week, the number of Android users has doubled and is preparing to bring even more news very soon.

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