Apple Music for Artists webpage has been redesigned with more details on Spatial Audio

by Krish Karthik
Apple Music for Artists webpage has been redesigned with more details on Spatial Audio

After launching two new webpages earlier today to promote the Application Wallet and Apple Pay, Apple has also introduced a redesigned version of the Apple Music for Artists webpage, which is where artists can find everything. which they need to publish songs to Apple Music.

According to the company, the new web page (available at ) is the new “one-stop shop” for artists to find the tools and information they need to prepare their music for the streaming platform. from Apple.

With the new “Create” tab, artists can get helpful tips on how to use Apple devices and apps to compose a song. The company highlights things like the Voice Memos app, GarageBand, and Logic Pro with third-party plugins. Apple also encourages artists to edit video clips with Final Cut Pro and social media content with the Clips app.

The web page also has a “Release” menu which provides detailed details on the process of releasing songs to Apple Music, including finding a trusted distributor, choosing a good image for the song page. artist and song lyrics download.

There is also helpful content on how to promote songs, measure audiences, and get support from Apple. With the upcoming release of Apple Music Lossless with Spatial Audio, the redesigned webpage also features more details about songs in Dolby Atmos and how artists can take full advantage of this technology.

Dolby Atmos fits into your favorite creative toolset, whether as a plug-in or through native integration. With the ability to monitor over speakers or your favorite headphones, these intuitive solutions help you open up new possibilities with more creative freedom, whether in the studio, at home, or on the go. The Dolby Atmos production suite easily integrates into several leading digital audio workstations (DAWs), including Logic Pro.

The new Apple Music for Artists webpage is now live as Apple’s official website , and more content is expected to be added to it in the future.

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