8 awesome search engines besides Google

by Krish Karthik

This system allows you to find all the information you need about a person.

In this case, the search engine market leaders will not be taken into account, and a greater bias will go to less popular browsers, which, although not in all, will be better than most of their competitors.


A well-known search engine with servers located in the United States. In addition to its robot, it also displays information from the following research sources: Wikipedia, Yahoo and Bing.

Benefits :

The main advantage is to provide the user with privacy and confidentiality. What a person is watching will not be shown to anyone, and the search engine does not collect personal information from users and, moreover, does not share it.

This search engine displays objective results, not based on user behavior. For example, major search networks personalize their search results based on user preferences. Plus, they show a person what is beneficial to them in the first place. In the case of DuckDuckGo , this will not happen

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This system retrieves the results from the anonymous Tor network . Therefore, to work on it, you need to download Tor browser and calmly use this search engine. Of course, there are other search engines in this browser as well: LOOK and TORCH, which also work well. However, if a person is used to using Google , then not Evil can be a good substitute, since the homepage is the same here.

Benefits :

You can access those sites which Google and Yandex cannot access. In addition, the search engine ensures confidentiality of use. The Tor browser has a lot of things that can be seen in regular search results: torrents, blogs, websites, libraries, online stores, etc.


Decentralized platform that works on the specifics of P2P networks. Any computer can be an alternative to a search crawler and collect all the information found in a large separate database, which can be used by all YaCy members .

Benefits :

Here, a different approach to performing searches is followed, as there is no common server, therefore all results obtained are independent. Censorship is totally excluded here. There are many materials that are banned by government agencies and large corporations, but if they are of interest, YaCy will help you navigate them.


This system allows you to find all the information you need about a person.

Benefits :

The service allows you to find the right person better than the search results in other popular browsers. The data comes from social networks, comments, databases, as well as information from court decisions.

This service is perfect if you need to drill into someone living in the US, like Russia, not everything is so smooth here yet. Information from Russian courts is not visible in search results.


This search engine allows you to find different sounds: nature, cars, sirens, etc. In Russian, requests are not taken into account, however, there are special Russian tags through which you can find something.

Benefits :

The main feature is that only sounds with the desired format and quality can be found on the platform, and if you like something then download it. In general, all the sounds you need can be found here.

Wolfram alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an excellent search engine that will show the user the exact facts on each question entered. For example, if you ask the question “compare the population of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro”, the result will immediately display a table with all the data.

Benefits :

The service is great for those looking for really hard facts without water. There is a ready-made answer for every question here. But if for some reason it is not there, the system independently analyzes and displays the correct result.

For a researcher, student or journalist, this search engine will be a good source to find the necessary and high quality information without water.


All the information is displayed from the major search engines, therefore, a lot of useful information is displayed to the user.

Benefits :

During operation, you may notice that a lot less ads are displayed here. In addition, the system displays the best results among all search results. If you cannot find the information you need in a traditional search engine, you can use this service.


Here you can search forums, Q&A sites, and social projects.

Benefits :

The service allows you to find articles and comments by different parameters: the desired subject, the publication date and the name of the resource. The system is particularly suitable for public relations specialists and other employees who need to know the opinions of users on a certain topic.

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