5 best horror puzzle games for Android and iOS

by Krish Karthik
5 best horror puzzle games for Android and iOS

Have you ever heard that fear helps you think faster and more effectively? No? Well, now you have done it.

And if that claim doesn’t seem believable to you, try one of these horror puzzle games for Android and iOS. These games will not only test your logic skills, but also give you good fear.

Here is the list of the 5 best apps in this category that you should try.

That Level Again

Let’s start with the That Level Again app. This is a horror themed puzzle game that will test your brain and play on your nerves.

Frankly, the concept of this game is already a nightmare for a lot of people. Just imagine an endless groundhog day where you also have to complete various tasks. As you can guess by the name, all of the levels in this game are the same – but are they really?

The trick here is that the levels are the same, but there is always a new way to pass them. In other words, the way you completed the previous level will never work again, even if the obstacles seem the same. There are 96 levels and the same number of ways to win that you are about to figure out. The only way to guide you in the game is with your logic skills and ingenuity.

In addition, the app gives you a certain amount of Easter eggs which will help you find a new method of leveling up. The gameplay is pretty basic on one side and pretty authentic on the other. It is drawn in dark grayish colors and a chilling melody plays in the background to follow the atmosphere.

Remember: puzzles, adventure and horror LITE

As the name suggests, the next game is a horror adventure puzzle that will scare you 100%.

Imagine waking up in an empty morgue with the smell and the feeling of death around you. With that, you can’t even remember your own name and how you got here. The only thing you know is that you have to get out as quickly as possible… (you can also find out about your character’s story, but that’s a subplot).

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Well that’s what the plot of this game is. Add detailed realistic 3D gameplay and mysterious music to the bg – and it’s downright one of your nightmares. Moreover, the only thing for you to get out and pass the levels is to solve logical tasks and puzzles which get more and more complicated with each level.

As for tasks, they range from a few simple tasks like finding hidden items to interactive quizzes that will test both your logic and your resilience. The game covers dozens of levels and over a hundred puzzles to solve. Plus, the app works on a hint system so you never get stuck for too long.


FRACTER is a puzzle game that brings you into the spooky atmosphere of its dark world.At the start of the game, you open up a mysterious shadow world. It must be said, the name of the world is quite justified because the entire design of the game is in black and white. As the plot progresses, you uncover all of the world’s secrets and creatures hidden in the dark.Therefore, not all of the creatures you encounter along the way will be friendly, so you will have to trick them and move through the eerie maze. The only way to move around the game is to solve countless puzzles which will get more and more difficult over time. Most puzzles can be solved using light (to dispel the darkness, obviously).Some puzzles are difficult, so you will need some clues to face them. The game also covers various control options which you can toggle from the menu. The control scheme can be changed at any time so that you can always choose which one you feel comfortable playing with. Along with this, the game comes with breathtaking haunting music that will tickle your nerves while playing.

Horror escape

Horror Escape is another game that uses your brain skills and your ability to cope with fear.The name of the game pretty much gives us the concept of the plot. But where should you escape from in this era? And the answer is – abandoned asylum. Let’s be honest – we’ve all seen abandoned asylums in our nightmares at least once. The game therefore uses common fears quite well.It must be said that the game has a scary atmosphere – there are a lot of scary places drawn in realistic 3D and the scary soundtrack adds to that. Your objective in the game is to go through the levels and solve the mysteries that you come across on your way.At first it may seem that the puzzles are quite easy to solve, but they will get more and more difficult with the levels. In addition, you will also have to search for hidden objects which often serve as keys to particular puzzles and mysteries. The game also has a prompt system to help you get out of the most complicated plots.

Sinister Edge – Horror Games

Sinister Edge - Horror Games

The main rule that you have to take into account in this game is that you will never be alone here (as if the setting could let you forget). You play the game from the first person view which adds to the spooky atmosphere even more. The only way for you to complete the levels is to solve difficult puzzles.

All the grids are themed as well, so you won’t lose the scary feeling while playing. In addition, the game also supports external controllers. So you can use joysticks for navigation and all that. In addition, the app covers a VR mode, so if you have all the necessary tools, you can improve your horror experience.

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