10 best Android apps for writers

by Krish Karthik
10 best android application for writer

Writing text on a computer is easy; we need to open Notepad or Word Document to start writing. However, things get a bit tricky when it comes to Android smartphones. Android smartphones provide users with a memo for writing text, but it does not provide the best writing experience.

So if you are a writer looking for the best apps for writing text then you are reading the right article. In this article, we will share some best Android apps that would improve your writing experience on Android.

List of the 10 best Android apps for writers

It should be noted that there are many Android writing apps available on the Google Play Store, but mentioning them all is not possible. So, in this article, we have shared the popular apps with lots of positive reviews. So let’s check it out.

Monospace Writer BETA

monospace android best application for writers

With basic text formatting options and a simple design, this app is ideal for users who want to write their articles without being distracted by many functions and features.

This app integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox, so you can easily import your text documents and export them to cloud storage. However, cloud integration is only available in the paid version of this app which costs around $ 4!


jotterpad best android writer application for android

Another handwriting-focused app that users could use to write documents, stories, etc. without being distracted by the multiple options that are in the interface.

Apart from these, the best feature of this app is that it could save snapshots of your work. The app also supports Bluetooth keyboards and shortcuts, which are very useful for small screen devices.

Writer Plus

writer plus best writer application for android

Writer Plus is another best app on the list that lets you write on the go. The app has a lightweight interface that interests you to write text on your device. Integrated with many unique features for editing text and formatting text styles, this free app is worth doing all writing tasks.

There is unfortunately no support for cloud services, which means you need to save and access all your files only on the device’s local storage!

Your quote

yourquote best writer application for android 2021

YourQuote is a writing and blogging app that delivers your words as beautiful pictures and text on pictures. This app allows you to write on photos and provide your copyright, make all your creations written on Google searchable like your quotes.

Another cool feature of YourQuote is that it lets you post paid stories. This means that your readers can support your writing by purchasing your articles.


inkredible best writer application for android

If you want to create an exceptional writing experience on a tablet, INKredible is for you. This app is designed to be distraction free. INKredible will make writing on a tablet as good, if not better, than pen on paper.

Keep my notes

keep my notes best android writer application

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward notepad app for your Android smartphone that you can use for quick note taking, you should download and install the Keep My Notes app from the Google Play Store.

It features an offline notepad that you can use to write over all the memorabilia without internet connection.


writer best writer application for android device

if you are looking for a powerful Android writing app that is easy to use and without any distractions from a traditional word processor, Writer might be the perfect choice for you. The app contains almost everything you need for your writing needs.

Whether you want to take notes or write a novel on your phone, Write is perfect for all writing-related jobs.

Google Docs

google docs best writer application for android

Google Docs isn’t exactly an app for writers, but it’s nothing short of that. Google Docs is one of the best file formats used to create, edit, and collaborate with other people on documents.

With Google Docs, you can create new documents or edit existing files on the go. Not only that, but Google Docs also works offline.

Ginger keyboard

ginger keyboard best writer application for android

If you’re a writer, you’re probably going to need a productive keyboard app. Ginger Keyboard is one of the best and most used keyboard apps for writers that will meet all your typing needs.

The most exciting thing about Ginger Keyboard is its advanced phrase reformulation which can instantly bring you new variations for your phrases.

Grammatical keyboard

grammerly best writer applicaiton for android device

Grammarly Keyboard is one of the leading English grammar services available for desktop and mobile operating systems. Grammarly Keyboard for Android includes a sophisticated grammar checker, pop-up spell checker, punctuation correction, and more.

Not only that, but Grammarly Keyboard will improve your overall wringing skills.

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